GenCON 2010

This year I am doing something a bit different with my Cyberpunk crew. Given that this is the last year for these characters I wanted something that built upon the story of the last five years. This year we have Militech in one scenario and Arasaka in another. The final scenario will be a blended team built upon the survivors of the first two scenarios. This is not a tournament, even though it may sound like it. It is simply three stand-alone adventures that big a final plot-line. I had considered a tournament and I may try one in the future, but I tend to prefer to sit down and sling dice for the enjoyment of it.

It’s No Winter Wonderland (RPG1010905, RPG1010904)

Last year they defeated the Decaffeinator and saved The City; however a sidekicks job is never done. This time, under the watchful eye of an experienced superhero, our hero hopefuls head for the slopes to protect a Winter Olympic hopeful who also happens to be The Governor’s daughter.

The characters have been updated to v6 rules, but the play style is the same. The emphasis is on character banter and role-play in-between various scenes. This is the type of game where if the wheels do not come off then something has gone horribly wrong. Come, relax, and toss around a few Zambonis.

By the Barrel of a gun (RPG1010902)

In this act, the Arasaka team must uncover a plot by a West African warlord backed by PetroChem that has been sabotaging SovOil’s fields. Arasaka has been hired under the table to provide the sharp end of the spear for SovOil security. While SovOil is responsible for protecting the fields, your team will be responsible for punishing those responsible – in a completely deniable way. You are valuable, but expendable – welcome to your life.

As in previous games the Arasaka team is a rather messed up bunch of operatives. Instead of gelling into a single team there are actually two teams as well as two individuals. Occasionally they may work together, but it can be difficult to get them to see beyond their own self-interest.



Chun Midori

Ge Dai

Guang Jiro

Rafael Martins

Wan Anzu

Xian Ruri

Yu Tanaka

Zhao Gin

Red Africian Sky (RPG1010901)

In this act, the Militech team is tasked with uncovering evidence that SovOil has been sabotaging PetroChem’s drilling platforms. Your team has been hired by PetroChem, whose North Africian drilling operations have suffered a string of “mishaps” over the last few months. This operation is so completely black that even the Militech’s President of African Affairs does not know that you are in country. Your assets and link to home is extremely limited. What you have in country is all that you are going to get.

The Militech team is strong team that is lead by a couple of strong personalities. It has its share of cowboys, but for the most part they function and act as a single team. However, you will need all of the teamwork you can muster as your assets in country are very limited. Without the corporate backing you are used to having it turns a difficult job into the impossible – which means it might take a bit of time to accomplish.


Alan de Souza da Cruz

Carlos Toledo Vargas

Christine Miller

Dominic Sanchez

Duane Washington

Hans Stahl

Juan Lorez Guerrero

Ramiro Maluenda

Richard Franks

Yolanda Plazas de Lozada

A Look Inside the Abyss (RPG1010903)

This final act sees Militech and Arasaka team up to take down those responsible for the sabotage before the fourth corporate war begins.

The final team will be made up of those characters that not only survived but are mission capable from both Arasaka and Militech. Two teams that have trades shots at each other over the years must now learn to work together to accomplish a common task. The problem is not simply that they see each other as rivals, but also that the command authority between the teams is very different in style.

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