GenCON 2009

Battle in the Barrio

At GenCON 2007’s game the Arasaka team successfully inserted Yumi into the Militech corporate structure after a raid on a Texas subsidiary. During the intervening time she has fed a great deal of information back to Arasaka while still maintaining her cover. However now disaster has struck. While travelling with her boss they were shot down and faced to crash land in the slums of Mexico City. Both of them were captured and taken to the “Barrio”, which is a warren of small buildings that house some of Mexico’s most murderous gangs. It is a place the cops simply leave alone.

It is clear that Militech will negotiate for the life of her boss, but nobody is under any illusion that they would pay to save his receptionist. So, Arasaka as tasked your group with rescuing both of them – but not make anyone aware that Arasaka was made it happen or some people may begain to ask questions.

Sidekicks Forward

Earth’s Mightest Heroes are called into space to deal with a problem that is left unchecked could smother the Earth. Protecting the fair city falls to their sidekicks. Given that the heroes left Earth to much media fanfair it is only a matter of time fore the city finds itself under attack.

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