GenCON 2013

Midnighter’s Club

The Master’s Shadow

2007 was an unusually hot Winter in the DC area as the Summer Queen pushed her influence far to the north, supported by the Witch of the South. The Midnighter’s Club called in some friends and with the help of Mab’s Court managed to stop the Witch of the South from gaining control over Newport News via Peruvian proxies.

2008 is a US Election year and like the rest of the country, the Club has begun to fracture politically. Some of them want to take a more active role in destroying the rising darkness, while others prefer to maintain their role as educators and consultants. Into this political landscape comes an unusual request from the White Court.

They need help with a problem from their side of the street that threatens to give the Red Court a significant advantage in the ongoing war. This advantage is coming from the highest corridors of political power in the United States. Should the club fail to act or misstep it is possible that a new political force will align and given the Reds a freer hand in their war against the Council.

The events in this game take place following White Knight and before Turn Coat.


What a Rattenval Evening

The team was mostly successful in capturing the girls who were a two-part biological encryption key; however, the devil is in the word “mostly.” Most of the team managed to escape in the catering van they used for their infiltration with one the girls, but the last they saw of the other was when Doran hoisted her over his shoulder. They know Doran had stolen the Chinese General’s car and that he had both the girl and a mortally wounded Katya with him. They have not heard or seen him since they saw the car crash through the front gates of the industrial complex.

That was two weeks ago. Adeline found them a safe house that is unknown to either Doran or Katya in case they have been captured. The city is crawling with Belgium Security Forces as well people they believe to be plain-clothed Chinese Special Forces. Surreptitiously they reached out to D-CON for help in bringing this girl to them. The organization promised to send them someone who can help them get to Dunkirk where they have a team ready to take the girl.

Dunkirk is 165 km away and Belgium is crawling with security forces determined to either kill or capture them. Let’s hope that D-CON sends the equivalent of James Bond.

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