Dresden Characters – Witch

Derrick Corbin

Derrick has always worked the night shift and felt more comfortable doing it. Sure is gave him no home life, but he really did not have anything to come home to anyways. Still, working the night shift you see things – hear things – and one day you come face to face with one of those things and it changes your life forever.

Pierre Troyes

Pierre was buried in Westminster Hall during the Revolutionary War. He is not really clear on when he became the Death (Ankou) for the grounds, but he knows it was sometime after the War of 1812. When the burial grounds became a tourist attraction in the 80s he was left with nothing to occupy his time. He could have moved on, but Pierre stayed for reasons he cannot fully explain except that he still wants to live – which is a silly thing for Death to desire. He has a deal with the Midnighter’s Club since the 1920s – they see that burials happen (even if occasionally) and he helps them.

Torrin Galloway

Torrin is stout man with scarred arms and a barrel-shaped chest. He solely owns and operates a metal working shop in Baltimore. In addition he does simply blacksmithing work for various renaissance fairs that spring up along the northeastern seaboard. Torrin is a ferromancer whose magic involves shaping and control various metals – iron based being the easiest.


A large man who lost his left arm during a hunting accident as a young man. He has now become the hand of Torngarsuk upon this world. He spends most of his days in the Canadian tundra but he has seen the signs that times are changing and darkness of the south have pushed their corruption north into the hunting lands. Torngarsuk has sent him a magpie to serve as his guide and ventures into the modern world of man.

Reverend Mitchell Tucker

His father is one of these most influential preachers in the United States. Like his father Reverend Mitchell started his time as a simple revival preacher with a large tent. He traveled from city to city in the southern United States pitching his tent and preaching to any that would attend. Unlike many of his contempories on both the revival circuit and television he always somehow knew that dark things stalk the earth and prey on the helpless. After a brief encounter with the Denarians and Knights of the Cross he found his true calling. Mitchell stands as a blazing lantern in the night that wards the darkness from the doorways of man.


One of the children of Despair, she has served Maeve well over the years. Her mocking voice and shadowed words often leave one confused as to what she said and to whom she was speaking, which is the point really. Unlike many other fae she is not interested in mortals and how they live their lives. The way they struggle to overcome their own mortality is simply too pointless to care about for more than a moment. Where Maeve commands she goes and what Maeve commands she does – regardless of the absurdity of it all.

Lise Christensen

Lise has been a lawyer and the go-to person for Monoc Securities in the Washington DC area for almost 6 years. She is competent and very capable, both in the legal sense as well as a troubleshooter. After an attempt on her life by a Red Court vampire she has been assigned Kol as a personal bodyguard. She bristles at Kol’s presence, but can logically understand the need to keep him around. When you are stuck with broken eggs everything looks like an omelet.

Kol (Companion)

A lusty man who drinks deeply in the many draughts of life.  He was given the task of protecting Lise from the many enemies that seek her demise. He is always mindful of his duties, often to the annoyance of Lise as he rarely succumbs to social niceties.

Ailsa Sutherland

Descended from a long line of Scottish witches, one of whom provided the inspiration for a poem by Robert Burns. She has been a full member of the council in good standing for over a decade; although there have been troubling incidents concerning her judgement in the past, concerning men. She once said that she considers the Raith family to be amateurs who rely on brute force and cheap tricks. She has clashed with them several times over they years.

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