D-Con Characters – Key


Heinrich is an officer in the German Secret Police and has seen his share of scum, but it wasn’t until a well-connected corp got away with murdering two young girls for his own pleasure that he really saw the festering wound of the corps. Now he works for D-Con the rid the world of the corps and return rightful political power to the government.

Heinrich is the hard-nosed driving force behind this collection of misfits. He is the one that keeps them on task and out of trouble. As a cop he has plenty of experience with leading disciplined men and stomping down on malcontents, but in this cell he has had to swallow his natural instincts to the success of the mission. The mission is everything and for the better good of the people; otherwise he would simply be a terrorist.


Katya used to be a top-notch corporate hacker before she got hooked on hallucinogens that were given to her by her boyfriend. Next thing she knows she is in jail charged with killing her boyfriend and his parents. She was broken out by some friends and has been on the run for many years. She is a burnout that is mostly clean these days.

Katya is a pessimist about the odds of crossing the street safely. To her the smallest flash of light means storm clouds and danger, instead of just a passing car. It is always darkest just before it goes completely black is a common phrase of hers. Still there is something about her that makes people want to reach out and help her and she does well mixing with most people with her own self-effacing humor. To the other members of the cell she knows computers and can make them do the most unbelievable things.


For years Vuk moved from group to group fighting against either the governement or the corps. He fell into D-Con because he has some very specific rules about what or whom he will screw with and that does not go over with some of his employers. He is a hard core metalhead with a love for old splatter celloid.

Thrash metal is Vuk’s music of choice as well as common phrases and outfits from slasher movies of all stripes. He may have a reputation of being unreliable, but that is actually because of his own strict moral code – he could never explain it to anyone, but he follows it slavishly. He loves metal and hates meat (strict vegatarian) and longs for the money to replace his own body with a metal body that he is building.


Doran was a bodyguard before corporate politics worked to kill his charge. The young woman was an accountant who happened to stumble upon a shadow fund that certain corporate officers were using to finance their own lavish lifestyles. He left the corporation after he uncovered the truth about her assassination.

Straight laced and prone to taking orders from nobody, Doran still has contacts in the corporate world and even a few he would call friends. At first everyone assumed that he was a plant, but he is just too straight to pull anything like that. In a group of outsiders he is a loner and likes it that way. There is the job – and nothing else.


She has lived on the streets as long as she can remember – scraping by day to day. She used to belong to a gang (mostly petty crimes), but one day they scored big on a corporation that could not let their theft slide. She only escaped that day because she had been out trying to line up a buyer.

A street mouse of the most timid sort is a strange thing to find in a group of anti-corporists. Still she can find the strangest information and has some of the most insteresting favors that it is just assumed her demeanor is a front for her true personality. She has a strange way of making people open up to her and yet forget even talking about the subject.


Always chasing the bigger score and something for nothing. Working for D-Con suits him for now because they target the expensive gits. He is a player and used to getting what he wants via his good looks or natural talents.

William is a man that is on the prowl for something better – a better hook-up, better car, better wardrobe, better life. He is very good at getting what he wants when he wants it; unfortunately he also tends to lose things very quickly. Still life is not meant to be taken seriously and so why not just enjoy what you got when you have it.


Guns are her way of life and any excuse to use them makes this a great day. She attaches herself to a cause not because the cause is worthy, but because it is a chance to shoot more guns.

Rachele is not simply a common street thug, but a true afficionado of personal weapons. She is knowledgable and has access to get what she wants from the many people that she as bought and sold from over the years. She is the go to member of the team when it is time to put down the opposition hard.


Paul wants nothing more than to tear down everything – complete Nihilist anarchy. Only when the chains of society have been torn asunder can the people finally be free from the tyranny of others. In that moment of pure freedom a new social order will be fashioned. A social order freed from tradition and bound only to the people that believe in it.

For a complete asshole, Paul knows many people and it seems like that all owe him favors. He does not want to simply see the whole world burn, but he wants to see all societal structures destroyed so that humanity can finally be truely free from slavery.


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