GenCON 2012

I really regretted taking 2011 off from running a game. The problem is that I just ran out of time to really give the game a solid touch. I also wanted to change things up so that always takes extra time.

For all of my games I generally workup 8-10 characters. This gives each of the players a good selection and hopefully helps a player from getting stuck with someone they have no interest in playing because they arrived a bit late. It also allows me to expand my table to 8 players for people with generics – assuming a unanimous vote of the 6 players currently at my table.

Dresden Files


This game is running in the early summer/late spring alongside of White Night – basically 2007. In my version of things the Witches of Oz are humans with an intelligent mantle (think Knight of the Fae Court) representing their station. The mantle of the Witch of the North passed to a young woman who was sired by the Head of Monoc Securities. Her half-brother took offense at this and demanded her return – the PCs in my weekly game  complied when the newly mantled witch indicated she would rather return to her mother and avoid the faerie courts.


The characters in play for this game are dealing with the sudden imbalance between Summer and Winter that has taken place. Summer is growing in power and pushing her influence at the expense of the eastern seaboard of the United States. The characters do not like each other, but each has a reason to want to fight these fire and blunt the growing influence of Queen Titania.

Midnighter’s Club

I my version of the Dresdenverse I have created an organization called the Midnighter’s Club that was a one time a Gentlemen’s Club in Baltimore founded shortly after the revolution. This club was founded by Randall Palmer (ex White Council Wizard) who broke with the council over his objection to keeping all mortals in the dark concerning the world around them. He has a very select list of mortals whom he keeps in the know – and a longer list of things he is constantly trying to keep out of the headlines.



This European organization is comprised of many different people scattered across much of Europe bound together by an underground organization. Their methods are very different as is their beliefs, but each of them seek to upend their corporate masters. The word spreads on the net for those willing to listen – for those willing to commit themselves to the violence necessary to tear down the corporate leeches – for those willing to be free.


These characters are really a rag-tag bunch whose only link to each other is that they are members of D-Con. There is not open hostility between the characters (yet), but there is a healthy dose of distrust and widely differing end goals. All we can know for sure is that a game where the PCs are not pulling guns on each other just isn’t a Cyberpunk game.


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