Game Worlds

I have links on the main page, but I thought I would include a brief capsule and link here as well.


This was my first game of any significance and is still my favorite. A classic sword and sorcery game with hints of both high and low fantasy depending on the group and rule set. I have run this game in everything from HERO to Chivalry and Sorcery to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.


The game system is Cyberpunk 2020 and the setting is the Caribbean. For the most part the game revolves around the ever increasing corporate war between Arasaka and Miltech.


This is my newest game and at the same time my oldest. The idea began back at Purdue when I designed up a game setting where super powers simply came into being one day. No gradual change from Mystery Men to modern heroes – instead one day the heroes simply appear. It was refined over the years until I finally dropped it into being. Something things have changed but the core of the idea is still there.

Paradise Veil

Steampunk, how I love Steampunk. This world mixes super science along with magic and a very strong monotheistic world. Powerful feudal lords rule the nations, but the real power lies in the strength of the one church and their war against the demons that have invaded the lands. Technology powered by steam, oil, muscle, and magic do battle against the power forces of the Demon King.

Team 5

America last and best defense against those that seek to bring her down. With a budget that rivals the CIA and secrecy that would shame the NSA. The people of Team 5 travel the globe to hunt those working against American interests and deals with them. This is a game world still in need of a game system. It started with Spycraft, but that system stinks so I am trying to scour up some more.


America in the 1800s in the Arizona Territory is found the small mining town of Flatrock. Here is the center of the adventurers who seek out their own piece of the American dream.

Have Gear will Travel

I keep trying to get this game going and something goes horribly wrong each time. I love the game world, but simply despise the game system. It is wonderful for small scale tactical battles, but absolutely stinks for RPGs. Still, I keep it around because I enjoy the world itself so much.

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