My name is Chip Dunning and I have been playing role-playing games (RPGs) since around 1977. I live in Cincinnati OH with my wife, three kids, three kids, and several tanks of fish. I am a computer programmer who works mostly with middle and back-end systems. My current favorite programming languages are C/C++, C#, and Java. I work at Cintech LLC on the cNotify system – a SIP-based notification system.

While I did spend time playing as well as GMing it was mostly on and off until I went to Purdue in 1987. In Spring 1988, I joined the Fantasy Club and played in several Star Wars games. During an uneventful spring break of that same year I joined another group called Dungeons of Purdue. It was in this club and the wargaming club (Adventure Simulation Club) where I met friends whom I still meet with several times a year. It was also where I launched my first long-running game and became more interesting in GMing than playing.

In the Winter of 1990 as I was sitting around the dining hall with the other gamers I casually mentioned that I was thinking about running a fantasy game based upon the Champions system. We chatted about the basics, but I really had no firm plans about it myself. Next Saturday I had players with characters in hand ready to run a game. Thus began my full-time run behind the GM Screen.

Currently I have a very solid gaming group that meets typically three times a month. We have been together in some form or another since 1997. Several people have come and gone, but the core of the group is still together. The table has rotating GMs with each GM having their own game world. I am currently running several games from Sword and Sorcery to Science Fiction. This site is here to support those games.

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