Time Marches On

Jared and the dragonborn push forward towards Xelora while Thayne’s fire bolts fly over their heads. When Blorp moves to join the battle around the throne one of the lion statues against the wall comes to life and attacks him. A lucky strike against Xelora causes her to drop the wall of force and focus her attention, and her two stone golem bodyguards on the closing combatants. Krin, who had climbed atop another statue drops a fireball on top of the throne.

As the battle continues two more statues come to life, one of them attacks Rauvirin and the other battles with Krin – who is crawling all over it and stabbing any vulnerable locations. The stone golem rears back and slams into the outer wall nearly pinning Krin, who twists out of the way catching only a glancing blow. Thayne steps up and cure some of Jared’s wounds just before Xelora banishes him from this reality. Thayne is then left to fight one of the golem solo as the dragonborn pushes forward to assist Blorp. With some help from Rauvirin one of the stone bodyguards crumbles to dust.

Solomon, the Undying Mage , who had stayed in the back of the room throwing spells has been cornered by a large stone golem that pulls away from the wall. He is pressed to combat the creature but after several titanic exchanges the stone golem falls apart. Solomon is wounded heavily, but he continues in the fight.

Rauvirin, freed from battle moves up to attack Xelora directly and deals enough damage that she elects to shift into a large iron golem and fight directly. Thayne is able to move behind him and support his attack. Jared finally returns from his banishment and moves to aid Blorp and the dragonborn who are attacking the stone lion bodyguard. Blorp moves around the outside of the stone lion taking out large chunks stone and avoid any damage in return. The stone golem is wobbling as he shoves it towards the way and away from supporting Xelora.

Xelora steps forward and throws fire around the room which not only hurts us, but partially heals her lion bodyguard. Krin, supported by a spiritual weapon from Thayne, destroys the stone golem that he had been battling alone. As it falls apart he rushes forward to join those who have closed around Xelora. Solomon unleases a horde of gremlins at Xelora giving those around her renewed vigor in their fight. Rauvirin may have lost his divine support, but Escandar continues to influence the battle through Jared.

Xelora opens up a hole in the ceiling and brings forth a pile of metal junk, magically transforming it into a iron warrior. Her attention is distracted for a moment with this spell allowing Jared to strike true at a weak spot opened up by the gremlins. Solomon steps up and throws lightning at the only remaining stone golem. This sets the creature up for Blorp to drive home the killing blow.

The junk golem trundles forward and tries to pin Rauvirin against Xelora, but instead the paladin turns and destroys the creature. Blorp and Thayne both reach into their most powerful spells and hammer Xelora, staggering her back as she brings around an animated shield to defend herself. Jared calls upon the holy power of Escandar and destroys her with a series of powerful attacks.

The lightning that controls this flying factory begins to go out of control. We flee through a dimensional portal after ensuring the factory will crash into the bay instead of the city. Once clear Solomon dimensionally shifts us back to the city. Thayne takes control of the weather over the city, exposing a large tempest elemental over the city. Solomon and the bronze dragon kill the creature.

The clock of time finally begins moving forward again.

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