Realm of Machines

Jared receives a letter from the Priesthood of Kernad asking for assistance. We will be meeting with Rauvirin to discuss terms. Jared and Krin go to Thayne’s cultist compound to pick him up, while Blorp arrives by magical fly. We load up aboard the Jolly Jack and go to destination. There is an old castle at the site. One of the Priesthood’s airship, the Silverwing, is already docked. Lin, Quartermaster of the Jolly Jack, docks the ship near the Silverwing and we go aboard the priesthood’s ship.

High Commander Rauvirin says that he has been plagued by prophetic dreams or visions. They speak to him that he must gather allies against the coming darkness. He would like us to go to Sigil and convince the Undying Mage to return with us. He gives us the key to the door in the castle that will take us to Sigil along with a missive written by Rauvirin asking for the Undying Mage’s help. His men will guard the door for us so that we may safely return.

We use the door and enter the extraplanar city of Sigil. It is a large and wondrous plane that connects to all other place.

Blorp seeks out a library where he might find the Undying Mage as well as research dragons. Unfortunately the great sages of the library will not allow the removal, for even a moment, of any of the books or scrolls. They will provide him a copy of any text that he wishes to purchase, but it may take several days depending on the texts.

Krin travels deeper into the city asking about the Undying Mage. He picks up and gives away all manner or small trinkets and objects. Eventually he meets Sol Silvervein from Oerth . Sol does not know of the Undying Mage, but he gives Krin a magical tuning fork that would allow him to travel to Sol’s home plane. In addition Sol remembers someone named Solomon that passed through a few days ago from our own plane of Avondeil, he was travelling through Mechanis .

While Thayne is setting up to summon a planar creature he talks to Jared about the change in his outlook. He has become convinced that the celestials have become corrupt or were corrupted by some outside force. Jared has no reason to doubt his stout companion so he agrees to help him save the celestials. The planar creatures says that the Undying Mage is not within the city. Thayne also asks some questions concerning the Seven Heavens and possible doorways within the city.

After hearing the words of the planar creature summoned by Thayne, Jared decides to find a tavern and seek information about the Undying Mage or the corrupted celestials. Jared does discover that there is a great sage library located in the West Goldentone Ward and there might be information there. In addition Jared drinks an outrageously excellent Silverthorn Ale. It is so good that he purchases an entire cask and intends to see about setting up a merchant caravan to bring this ale to the Shady Tree tavern.

Thayne hears a voice in his head. It directs him to East Goldentone Ward. Seek me at the Squirrel and Toad Inn .

After Krin and Blorp return we stop by the tavern for a silverthorn ale and good meal. Our needs met we continue on to the Squirrel and Toad Inn. There is nobody waiting here for us, so we wait in a study. After an hour or so a rock gnome arrives carrying a large staff. His name is Bindel and he works for Solomon. Solomon speaks to us through an image projected through the staff.

The next morning Blorp and Thayne go to a book seller to get a copy of outstanding books on Mechanis and clockwork studies.

Krin and Jared travel to the Golden Harp and speak with some celestials. We speak Katib , a celestial who works for Kel . She shifts between being annoyed and on the edge of angry during the conversation. Jared talks about Thayne’s belief that the celestials have become corrupt. She says the only corruption was Iblix and his followers where removed from the heavens by The Creator long ago. She will be staying in Sigil for a few days and is willing to talk to Thayne about the “corruption.”

When everyone returns to the inn Brindel is waiting for us in the study. He takes us to the door and we pass into Mechanis. Everything in this world is mechanical. Dwarf-sized mechanical creatures are wandering around repairing and polishing the machineworld. Everything in this world is metal, including the life. Brindle tells us about Primus , the god of this world, and all of the wonders. Solomon lives here, but Brindle just travels between here on the wizard’s business.

We are several levels up in this world when we notice a large spider moving on the horizon. It seems to be coming directly towards us, but then disappears just as we ready for battle. We move cautiously forward, keeping Brindle between us. Two large mechanical spiders leap out and attack our group. We destroy one of the mechanical spiders, but the second one paralyzes Thayne and plane shifts away. After poking around the destroyed spider Blorp discovers they are mechanical hunters called a Retriever – they are used by drow and others as hunting animals.

Thayne appears in a room with a mechanical woman. She was disappointed with the spider bringing the wizard, but she does recover her house from him. Once taking the house she has the spider return Thayne to his companions as he is no longer of any use.

When the spider appears we attempt to attack it, but it just drops Thayne and disappears. Thayne is mad that the woman took “his” house and attempts to teleport to her, but it fails as she is on another plane. We heal our wounds and reach Solomon’s tower after another hour of travel.

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