Conference of Light

As we approach the tower of Solomon, the Undying Mage, we see him waiting outside. Jared hands him the letter. Solomon calls forth gearwork horses for us so that we can reach the central tower/spindle of Mechanis. There are several other oversized gears that each contain a small town or village – often perpendicular as the modron maintain the system. Regardless of its angle to us gravity always seems to orientate everyone down on their gear.

Near the spindle we meet up with one of the secundus, one of the four gearwork of the realm that serve Primus directly. It greets Solomon warmly and they talk about what is happening in the other worlds. The most important topic for us is what is happening with a modron that is currently on Avendol. Solomon agrees to aid the church and so opens a portal to Avendol and we accompany him back to our world. Jared uses his sending stone to contact the Jolly Jack and let his crew know he has return to the world. We are out on the outskirts of Caburh – the capitol of Kingdom of Nevergal at the Heartskeep Village.

We get rooms at the Thirsty Witch for the night while Bindel and Solomon get rooms at the Purse and Ghost, an inn built on the edge of a famous garden cemetery. While Jared drinks with and entertains the patrons of the Thirsty Witch the others visit the market. Krin goes off in search of something new and interesting – while Thayne and Blorp seek out the wizard’s guildhall. They purchase a few magical books and scrolls, but not enough to prepare themselves fully. They continue on to a book seller as Blorp wants to find additional books on gearforged – either spells, enchantments, or possibly even the engineering involved. Thyane asks the tiefling behind the counter concerning any book of advanced study on angels or devils.

Krin finally finds an interesting wandsmith shop. The shop keeper tries to interest her several wands often sought after by adventurers. Krin works to trade for several gears, bits, and bobs he has in his pack. They end up exchanging some of the gears for a thick willow wand of web that also turns the caster into a small spider.

The next morning Thayne recieves word that three of his cultists have been killed. He sketches out a circle and teleports back to his compound.

Jared and Krin go into Caburh to see the sights, visit the market, crawl the taverns, and most important find a cargo for the Jolly Jack. Krin finds a merchant that is in need of some fireworks that he purchased a town further up the coast. He cannot get them delivered in time for the festival tomorrow. After negotiating we come to an acceptable agreement and use the sending stone to contact the Jolly Jack. This allows for the ship to arrive in time to bring the festivals, but also arrange for the airship to be nearby in case the discussion turns out poorly.

Krin, Blorp, and Jared are getting ready to leave the city when several gearwork creatures drop down from the sky around us. Blorp inquires about their intentions and if we can help. The largest one threatens that we will be helping if we want to or not. Blorp drops a spell as Krin and Jared rush the alleys to attack. It is a fierce battle in the tight alleys and rooftops of the city. In the end two of the beetle-like gearworks flee when their warlord is killed. We recover an ingenious backpack that allows its wearer to fly and a collapsable magical greatsword. We also find a knight chess piece one the warlord.

Late in the night Thayne returns – he is immediately pounced on by Krin and backed into a corner with twenty questions. He says he had to return to his compound after some of his members were attacked by unknown assailants. He suspects it was revenge for his investigation into the corruption growing among the celestials.

The next day the conference takes place in the Caburh. It takes place in the large cathedral where the high council of priests do their business. Most of the dieties have a small shrine and worship room. Much of the administrative duties of the large recognized churches are done in the offices. They have set up a large round table with many chairs around the room for those interested – Solomon and Bindel are seated up front.

Rauvirin calls the meeting to order. He talks of a dark force that is moving through the land. Most everyone in the room has either come into contact with its followers. Four of our number have already fallen, a stout company of dwarves who he knew personally. Solomon adds that during his extraplanar travels he has heard whispers of some being from Mechanis that plays a pivotal role is the looming events.

A triton stands up and pledges his support, but wants to make everyone aware of the cost he demanded. Rauvirin agrees that their agreement will stand and that he will receive the glory and prestige he deserves. On the subject of glory other groups stand up and pledge their own support, our companionship included.

Rauvirin lays down a large map showing the towns and companions that have been attacked. So far they have kept their attacks near the borders or in remote locations. The attack against our group last night was the first in a major city. We show Solomon the two chess pieces that we recovered. He does a quick magical analysis of them before smashing them. He says they are akin to more powerful sending stones that allow them to be tracked and nearby conversations heard.

Rauvirin ends the meeting asking Amelia Gutrinch the high priestess of Kieselle to use her contacts to begin her own search among the gods. To Solomon, Rauvirin asks that he return to Sigil as well as Mechanis and find any information among. At this point Thayne speaks up that there is corruption among the celestials. This causes all manner or conversations with the Amelia insisting such things are impossible. While some angels have fallen in the past these were individuals and did not spread corruption to all of the celestials.

Even among our own group this causes a fissure in the group. Jared is supportive fully of Thayne, his boon companion – while Blorp is switching from one side to the other to discover the truth. Amelia demands that we support our case or let it drop. The next Thayne will memorize his spell to summoning the angel that told him to murder an innocent and the high priestess is welcome to question it.

We break for carousing.

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