Behind Enemy Lines

Shayne begins to spend more time inside the house as the rest of us leave Oswood for further adventures. He begins having dreams of his hand coming from the heavens and picking himself up and moving him. When Krin, Jared, and Blorp return Shayne is waiting with an important letter from Asher Grimmel. He invites us to his manor in the Four Cities of Hominster where he will speak to to us about work from the king of the Kingdom of Tyrthon . We hire a coach from The Gilded Steed and by the afternoon of the second day we reach the city of Hominster

It is a large bustling city and thank the coachman for the excellent service. Shayne speaks with the city guard to find the home of Asher Grimmel while Krin goes running off after hearing a train whistle with Jared in pursuit. After seeing the train Krin then runs towards Fascinating Facilitations , a gnome workshop. He buys a magical clockwork mouse that runs along the ground when given a command phrase until it has been caught. Jared finally catches up and drags Krin from the store, but not before Krin gets a look at a mechanical griffon they are working on.

Krin and Jared, after a few ales, catch up with Blorp and Shayne outside of Grimmel house. We are escorted inside and shortly speak with Lord Grimmel in his personal study. The Kingdom of Nevergal has begun stockpiling a large quantity of weapons near their mutual border. In addition they are using hobgoblins to guard these caches. It is possible that Nevergal has struck an alliance with them. Lord Grimmel wishes to hire us to find these weapon caches and then destroy them. He offers us coin or goods in kind.

We take rooms at the Silver Flail Inn as recommended by Lord Grimmel. It is very close to the wizard’s guild and considered a safe district for travelers. The inn is a large three-story building with fine gardens and tiled walkways. Lord Grimmel will send us maps of the area where he suspects the weapon cache may be found. There is train leaving in 2 days for the nearest town to the suspected cache so we get tickets.

Blorp wanders the city looking for fellow goblinoids. He runs across the goblin drinking at a rundown tavern. After a few drinks he hears about a goblinoid called “The Captain” that runs large groups of mercenary hobgoblins.

Over the next few days until the train leaves Shayne seeks out people interested in the Church of the Heavenly Wing or possibly even previous followers. Blorp spends his time at the Wizard’s Guild crafting scrolls and seeking their knowledge. Krin manages to convince the gnomes to let him ride on the back of the mithril clockwork griffon during some trial runs.

Two days later the train arrives and we load up. On the train Krin tries several times, once successfully, to ride on the top of the train. After three days we arrive in a small town nearest to the suspected cache. We fill our packs with trail supplies and head off to adventure. A bit over an hour we discover we are being followed by some bandits. Krin slips into the woods and falls behind to ambush them. When Krin pulls down the last bandit the rest of the group turns and attacks. With Shayne’s spiritual weapon descending on them, Blorp hurls a javelin of lightning and kills two of them. The survivors turn into rats and flee into the woods.

The next day we continue searching for signs of hobgoblins. By midafternoon Shayne notices something ahead of us and secretly signals us. Krin ducks into the woods and sneaks forward. When he gets near to the location Shayne sends his flying monkey familiar forward to signal Krin. In order to keep attention away from Krin, Jared rises in his saddle and calls out the enemy for cowardice. In response a hidden attacker shoots Jared in the back with a heavy crossbow bolt, felling him from the saddle.

There is a frenzy of battle between three hobgoblin knights and two hidden crossbowmen. Krin drives one of the crossbowmen away critically damaged. Shayne turns invisible and sends his flying monkey familiar to aid Shayne. Blorp runs into the forest and two knights step out from the woods to fight. Jared rises and runs to help Blorp when the third knight steps out and joins the melee. Shayne descends from the trees and hammers the group with his magic turning the tide of the battle allowing Jared and Blorp to finish off the survivors.

Both crossbowmen make their escape on a flying ship. Shayne tries and dispel the magic that provides the forward thrust for the airship, but the magic is too strong.

With the hobgoblins driven off we continue to the east where the flying ship rose above the trees. We come across an old stone fortress in poor shape. The courtyard has been cleared out with enough space for the airship. Stacked in a few of the outbuildings are barrels of greasy black powder, flintlock rifles, lead shot, and complex matchlock pistols. Unsure what to do with these “strange” weapons we decide to take them with us. We expand the house and begin loading the boxes and crates.

Krin, his familiar, and Shayne’s familiar are on watch while the rest of the group load the weapons. Before we can finish loading Krin spots a scout and drives him off. Shayne shrinks the house and we flee the area, crossing the border into Tyrthon and relative safety. We present our report to Lord Grimmel along with some of the weapons we recovered. He is pleased with our effort, but less pleased with the report itself. Nevergal is working with hobgoblins to stash powerful weapons near the border and now Tyrthon must move to respond.

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