Assault on Time

Rauvirin gets us on board a train bound for Weegrov, the nearest town where the Healer’s Handy Helper was manufactured. The plan is to investigate who was involved and how they are manufactured. During the long train ride Thayne and Blorp sequester themselves in their cabin and divine with other planar entities to uncover the secrets of the cube. At best we discover that the source is not fiendish and although it is casting clerical spells it does so as a wizard.

We arrive in Weegrov. We purchase a wagon and fine clothes for Jared. He will be posing as a merchant, Blorp as his clerk, Thayne his bodyguard, and Krin his assistant. The warehouse is just a 30minute ride outside the town. When we arrive there is only Victor, a clerk, at the warehouse and only five boxes remain. We try and pressure him for more boxes to be found, but he insists these are the five last boxes. In fact the men that bring the crates from the factory to here say the factory is gone – not empty, but gone.

We travel up the mountain where the clerk said the factory is located. There is nothing left but three divots in the earth. There are trace shadows of transmutation magic, but no other trace of what exactly sat there. Anything that was not here before is no longer here, the people that worked in the factory must have cleaned everything up before they left.

On the way back to Weegrov we pass by the warehouse. Krin sneaks inside and steals the clerk’s records. We go through the records and all of them were signed by Marguerite and the terms are very strict. They have a fixed selling price with set discounts for both active and retired members of the militia or standing military. At Weegrov we speak to a few of the porters who carted the crates from the factory to the warehouse. They were all hired by Victor. Their job was simple – go to the factory, where the crates would be waiting, and deliver them to the warehouse. They never saw anyone at the factory and the crates were ready when they got there. They do give us a good physical description of the factory – dressed stone floor with a large central tower and three smaller towers around the edge. A few sheds were also on the stone floor and that is where the crates were found.

That evening we take the train back to Caburh for the Eclipse Festival. We arrive the day before the festival. We arrange a meeting with Rauvirin and High Priestess Amelia Gutrinch. Both are distracted by the upcoming festival, but thank us for our investigation. As we exit the meeting we see the city is building two large wooden statues, one male and the other female, on opposite sides of the market. We are told one of the warehouses where they kept the confiscated cubes was broken into and most of them stolen. They have not seen them show up on the black market yet, so it is unlikely they were stolen for profit.

After the meeting Jared speaks to the captain of the detail guarding the warehouses. Together they investigate the warehouse, but can come to no solid conclusions about who took the cubes. They came in through an upper window, but there is no way they moved all of the cubes through the window.

The next morning the festival begins as soon as the sun rise. We partake of the festival as well as keeping a watch out for trouble. If the hidden mastermind behind these attacks is going to make a move it will happen today. At noon there is a loud buzzing that can be heard everywhere in the market. Suddenly a series of explosions throw up cobblestone and out of the whole comes a horde of locusts. They tear through people enjoying the festival before rising into the sky and forming themselves into a giant airship.

Krin is the first aboard the airship, flinging himself off a nearby rooftop. After fire-balling the living ship he is joined by Jared and Blorp, who add their own attacks. The ship continue to attack the people of the city while we tear the ship apart. Eventually the ship turns part of its attention to those on the deck and hammer them with spells. Thayne closes the distance and hurls a spell at the ship, but it shrugs it off.

In the harbor a large giantish figure rises from the waters, along with two ebony dragons. The dragons fly into the city and breath poisonous gas over the crowds in the harbor district. As the airship falls apart, Blorp falls and Jared grabs Krin and flies to the harbor – paced by Thayne. Blorp is able to land on a roof then summon his ebony fly and follow behind and off to the right to avoid large area spells as the dragons continue to hammer the city folk.

We engage the first dragon, sucking down a poison gas attack or two as we close. We nearly have the creature destroyed when the second dragon rounds around and attacks Blorp from behind. Blorp summons his berserking spirits from Valhalla and the first dragon falls just as the giant anti-life construct rises up and hammers everyone with a magical attack. We recover in time to nearly destroy the golem, but the dragon comes down to merge with it and fly away from us.

We give chase, but after several blocks it breaks apart into smaller entities and begins killing anyone that tried to shelter. After a quick second to catch our breath we split into pairs to fight the smaller constructs. Blorp and Krin run along the streets, while Thayne and Jared will stay in the skies. A large exploding cloud of poison gas rises in the sky, drawing Thayne and Jared’s attention.

On the streets Blorp and Krin fight through several lesser creations, but then run up against several that have merged together. Krin gets hit by a magic spell that draws him into madness and confusion, causing him to run off and attack a nearby house. Blorp climbs atop the roof and fights the creature, but is pressed back without his support. Krin recovers to a small time from the madness and helps until once again he is seized by madness and runs off again. Blorp tries to fight the swarming construct, but is forced to retreat.

Jared and Thayne follow the small bit of the dragon that remained together and it angles deeper into the city. As we near the large central monolith we can see a giant construct climbing the construct. The dragon flies into the construct and gets absorbed. As we near the large construct we notice the Silverwing pushing hard to support us. The eclipse begins and the world seems to slow to a crawl – Jared’s vision is coming true has time comes to a stop. The clerics that draw power Kernad and Keiselle lose it a the gods remove themselves from this world during the eclipse. The true dark nature of this attack is made real as the eclipse will never end.

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