Assault on the Factory Town

Jared and Thayne prepare themselves for combat against the large construct. We can see Krin and Blorp approaching so we wait for them before assaulting the merged creature. The creature seems to be guarding the tower and not letting anyone get near it. We charge to the base of the tower strike hard. Krin is nearly killed but we drive the creature back. It takes to the air to avoid our attacks as the triton, who was fighting by our side, shapeshifts into a bronze dragon. The construct takes the dragon’s lightning breath at near point-blank range and is finally driven away from the tower. It is still attacking us and turns a spell on Blorp that sucks out most of his life.

Jared moves to help Blorp while Thayne and Krin continue to attack the giant construct. The dragon closes to tooth and claw range; however the nature of the construct is such that the individual pieces move around to avoid its attacks. We hear another construct approaching. We turn and see Solomon, the Undying Mage, standing on it’s shoulder. He has taken control of the creature and orders it to attack construct trying to guard the tower. We hammer and batter the creature until it falls apart. We see its chess piece hit the ground and shatter.

Rauvirin arrives aboard the Silverwing and takes control of the situation. He is without the power drawn from his patron deity, but he still commands the respect of the city guard. The factory that created these cubes has descended from the clouds and is hovering over the city. Rauvirin will be going there to defeat those controlling the spell and asks for our help. The Bronze Dragon and Solomon will stay behind in the city and take control in hunting down the surviving small constructs. The Silverwing will take us and Rauvirin to the flying factory and then return to assist in the defense of the city.

While flying up to the factory we see large bolts of lightning striking down from a storm cloud over the factory, striking each of the smaller towers around its perimeter. If this is similar to other airships then this might be powering the large elemental crystals needed to keep it aloft. We rush to the large central tower. At the base of this white tower are twelve small sheds built against the side of it. Each shed has a single large stone door in the front. Thayne sends his arcane eye spiraling around the tower and discovers it has occupied glass windows along the side offering no way into the tower. The top of the tower is a large dome of beaten copper with a lightning rod extending several feet up from there.

Blorp lifts open the door and we slip into the shed. The door beyond is trapped, which Krin and Thayne work together to bypass. The room beyond has a large stone cistern filled with a thick fluid and several stacked crates. The crates are similar to those in the warehouse that held Healer’s Handy Helper for shipment. The liquid roils and froths so we decide not to disturb it. We bypass the trap on the only other door in the room and enter a large chamber. Inside the chamber are five stone statues with blades in each hand. They are guarding the only other door in the room. We cautiously approach and nothing happens until a section of the floor gives way nearly plunging Thayne into a pit. Before we can help him bolts of fire streak out from the walls at us.

We push forward to get through the door, but the stone guards have been fashioned from lodestones and lock up Jared and Rauvirin in their armor. Thayne unlocks the opposite door with a powerful spell allowing Blorp into the room beyond. Two of the guards immediately slam the door shut stopping the rest of us from following. We continue to battle the three other guards and take cover from the fire guardians on the wall. Rauvirin slashed several times and falls unconscious. His armor is immobile from the power of the lodestone. The rest of us are bleeding from multiple wounds and close to breaking when Blorp manages to lever open the door enough to rejoin us. It is a temporary respite as we are in no shape to continue this battle.

Krin heals Rauvirin enough to wake him. He takes immediate action and forces everyone to jump into the hole in the floor. Jared was too far away for Rauvirin to help, but he Jared manages to waddle in his locked up armor enough to fall into the hole as well. Everyone hits the ground on the floor below – Thayne immediately teleports us back to his compound and safety. Rauvirin elects to stay behind.

We appear at the compound only to find that over half of Thayne’s followers remain. The rest turned against Thayne’s orthodoxy when he worked with the angel and brought back the large chunk of gold. Those that remain are wary, but help us back to our feet. The next morning we teleport to our inn outside of Caburh and call the Jolly Jack to pick us up. We fly over the city and survey the damage. Krin finds Victoria and spends some time making sure she is okay. After giving them some time we go to the central tower. The flying factory is still over the city, so people are taking cover, but no more attacks have occurred.

We find High Priestess Amelia Gutrinch and get a report of current events. Rauvirin has barricaded himself a relatively safe location and has been passing down information. Solomon and the Triton have gone up to meet up with him and push their way up the tower. He told High Priestess Gutrinch that every hour the wall and doors change so where is he now is not reachable by the same route. He recommends we travel down as they have searched most of the upper rooms, especially a room with moving walls. He left a clue for us, “I to the left,” which tells us what door to enter – so we at least have a starting point. The Jolly Jack takes us to the edge of the factory and drops us off.

We make out way to the expected door and force our way inside. We find a ladder that descends into the lower levels. We move through the room with the moving walls without getting squished; although there are some close calls. We eventually reach a safe zone on the opposite side and meet up with the others. The three of them are tired and the triton has shifted into a bronze dragonborn to fight better in these conditions. Solomon has caught moments when some powerful magic has passed through the area, but he has not been able to pinpoint the exact location.

We rest for an hour until the room shifts again. Using the window of opportunity between shifts, we race in the general direction where Solomon indicated. We reach a door with a fiendishly difficult trap. Krin is just able to disable the trap and unlock the door. Blorp shoves the door open and we enter a space that is much larger than we should find in the factory. There are fifteen foot ceilings. At the end of the room is a throne one raised dais. A large clockwork woman is sitting on the throne. There are large statues of various cat-like animals along the walls. Thayne recognizes her as the woman who stole his house when he was captured by the clockwork spiders.

Blorp charges into the room as the Xelora, the clockwork woman, raises her hand and a shimmering wall immediately in front of him. Rauvirin, Jared, and Krin get over the wall of force, but the others elect to stay on the other side for now.

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