Tooth and Claw

We can’t shake the feeling we are being watched, but in the well patrolled city of Amthydor such skullduggery would not be tolerated. Shuk notices the figure watching us and follows them into an alley. Her name is Jinn, a half elven woman, that complements his ability to see her. She is in need of an adventuring company and asks us to show up at the Rose Hips to hear more of the opportunity.

She was once a part of an adventuring company that tangled with a large dire wolf pack in one of the outlying villages. The pack was lead by a half-man half-wolf creature. Her companions were nearly wiped out until a powerful priest arrived and drove the surviving wolves into the dark. Unfortunately the priest’s lover died and so he was forced to retreat rather than pursue them and most of her own companions were already dead. She had loaned a pair of magical boots to one of her friends and wants them back. She will hire us as her bodyguards to return to this battle and recover her property.

We leave the city and leave behind the people around the city. As dark approaches we reach the One Day Out Inn . It is a friendly inn run by a small family. We get rooms and talk in the common room until bed. We hear rumors of roving bands of goblins, but nothing about wolves returning. The innkeeper says that Fegg and Powell are usually not this late, but they are trappers so their arrival is often odd.

The next morning we leave early and leave the more civilized lands and head into the forest. Along the way we come across the tracks of a band of goblins. An hour later we find the band collecting wood and stones. Shuk, disguised as a goblin, he moves forward and speaks with the gatherers. They tell him that there is a encampment to the northeast that has been raiding their villages and human settlements. After several more hours of travel we are being shadowed by a patrol of goblins. Shuk repeats his effect with the hat of disguise and speaks to this as a goblin. They know of the human encampment but stay away from it. We get some better directions and know that we should reach it before nightfall.

It is early evening when we get close enough to the fortress. The goblins have taken over an abandoned fortress and are in the process of repairing it. We rest in the woods overnight and make plans.

The next morning we ambush a patrol and rush through a break in the wall. We push through a work group, killing most of them, and break into the central keep. We fight our way through the hallway killing the goblins that rush out of the barracks. We fight our way up the stairs to the large “throne” room. There is a bristling of polearms that slow us from entering the room. A human with a staff tries to recruit us to join him. He has tapped into a well of power those inside the city are too ignorant to fear. Jinn obviously knows the human and tries to attack him, but Shuk holds her back. Instead Kurgan and Axel charge into the room while Jenestra begins summoning her allies.

When his elite goblin guards are defeated, Jevor hammers the heroes with fireballs, nearly killing Janestra along with Franks, and Beenie our trusted animal companions. Shuk transforms into a large gargoyle and charges the wizard. Jevor screams in agony and transforms into a werewolf. With no access to his spells he is overwhelmed and killed by Shuk.

The body of Jevor Wright is dead on the floor. Jinn runs forward and pulls her boots off his feet – taking back what she loaned out months ago. We search the rest of the keep eventually finding Jevor’s “eating room” where Fegg is still alive. He has been infected by lycantrophy and will not survive long enough to reach the help in Amthydor unless we take extreme measure. We force march back to the city, barely making it in time to save Fegg and the two other peasants we found in the prison under the keep.

Back in the city Jinn thanks us and pays us our agreed sum, agreeing to aid us in the future.

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