Infernal Dilemma

The Temple District is in an uproar as acolytes rush hither and yon gathering equipment. The Elven War is said to be going well; although the villages and towns under attack are closer to the city. Suddenly the largest lightning bolt ever seen crashes down on the Temple of Peliron destroying it utterly. Chunks of marble go flying in every direction burying the nearby populace. We move quickly to help the injured and eventually help with the dead. We manage to save Jalinor the Just the high priest of Peliron and Katlinna a priestess of Dymora . Strangely we see several people in robes hauling an elven noble from the rubble.

We speak with Katlinna. She remembers seeing the elf inside, he was a high ranking member of the Amthydor nobility of House Kalen . Kurgan notes that there were a large number of wounded priests of Galavant among the injured. He speaks to one of the injured, a cloistered cleric who seems to have suffered only minor injuries. He suggests that for such a powerful magic strike to destroy a temple it would need a complex magical focus, such a thing would be difficult to hide. The magical defenses of the city should have stopped any such magical strike. It is troublesome to find a member of House Kalen among the injured. As one of the only elven noble houses in the city it would amount to publicly siding with the elves against the city.

We do hear rumors of The Triads becoming active again. A year ago the Diamond Watch moved against them and they were believed to be wiped out. While speaking to other survivors were are approached by Captain Webster of the Diamond Watch. He thanks us for our service in helping the people of this city in their time of need. He further requests our help to find out who caused this terrible tragedy. He offers us a writ from the watch to investigate this matter.

We leave the Temple District heading towards House Kalen when we are surrounded by several tieflings. They try and bribe us to stop the investigation. When that fails they threaten us – its gets ugly when the fight begins. We are fully pressed by the three tieflings and it is surprising when they retreat. We find out why in short order as the Diamond Watch rounds the corner. They tell us the three tieflings are members of The Triad and they have been causing all manner of trouble the past weeks.

We call upon the power of Galavant and Brianna to heal our wounds.

We continue on to House Kalen in the Nobles District , having to show our official writ several times to various house guards along the way. We speak to the gate guard and after some “discussions” we convince him to let us speak with Lady Counsula Kalen. The noble elven lady speaks with us in her drawing room. She says that the elf brought to the was not of her house, he was an imposter and was just about to send a runner to the watch when we arrived. She allows us to see the body before contacting the watch.

Janesta puts a magical stone on the body that allows us to ask questions known by the body. His name is Tyrion Willowsil and he was sent by Riania Lylla of the Mistwood Elves and he was in the temple to serve as the focus of the lightning bolt that destroyed the temple. His fellow conspirators are waiting in the Port District to board the Swiftwind, a trade vessel of House Kalen. We thank the high lady and hurry off to stop the boat from leaving – sending a runner to carry word to the Diamond Watch.

We reach the Port District and storm the vessel. It is a terrible battle as The Triad have brought several spell casters to bolster their escape. We manage to kill or capture nearly all of them; although one of the sorcerers dives overboard shouting glory for Mistwood. Captain Webster leading a squad of the Diamond Watch arrive and take the control of the prisoners. We explain to the Captain what transpired and we discovered. He thanks us for stopping the Mistwood Elves from turning the city against House Kalen. The Diamond Watch has agreed to use some of the stores to pay us for our efforts.

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