Earthdawn – The new legends

Mor returns the city of Thrul after leaving to attending his father’s funeral. I have inherited my family’s sword – passing down from father to son for generations. There is rumors about this sword in my family so I have returned to Thrul to seek out a weaponsmith. He asks around the city and hears the name Adrick, a dwarf or renown. After trying to haggle down Adrik’s prices the dwarf’s prices are far beyond what he can afford. He tells Mor that he does have an apprentice, Dixon, who would work for that price.

Mor goes to the back of the shop and speaks to Dixon. He tells Mor the sword was forged in Parlanth. It was a city that tried to hide itself in Astral Space during the scourge. Unfortunately their gambit did not work and the horrors found it and killed everyone. The city has returned to the world, but it is a dark place full of twisted and evil beings. The town of Haven is on the outskirts of Parlanth and Tardak, a troll adventurer, has been running mercenaries into the city to cleanse the evil. Dixon tells Mor that he needs to learn more about the smith who forged this pre-scourge weapon.

Tallhallow has been in discussion with Rimple, a windling elementalist, seeking training into the fourth circle. In exchange for this training his master has told him to fetch a statue that was once owned by Ethene. She lived in Parlanth before the scourge. The statue has been blended with wood and stone and is considered a powerful artifact. This piece is part of a set of statues blending two elements. Rimple has two other pieces and wants to finish his collection.

Tallhallow is given the name of Dixon, a weaponsmith apprentice, who has been gathering supplies to a journey to Haven along with a Troll swordmaster. Tallhallow mets up with them at Adrik’s smithy it is agreed that he can travel with Mor and Dixon if he lends his magical strength.

We are traveling through a dense forest near haven when six orcs charge on horses from ambush and attack us. Tallhallow lays down and ice slick to stop the charge forcing the raiders to fight on foot. The battle rages back and forth, but in the end the powerful magic of Tallhallow turns the tide long enough for Mor and Dixon to kill three of them.

The companions go and speak to Tardak. Tardak is the elder of the city but he makes some time for a fellow warrior. He has never seen that smith’s mark during his forays into the city, but he has not ventured in many years. He tells us that we should seek Prydri, a weaponsmith of many years in Haven. The easiest way to find him to seek out the worse bar and listen for the loudest voice. He is a troll so should stand out in a crowd. We see an orc thrown out of a bar and see a troll step outside and begin a tirade of insults. Clearly this is Prydri.

Prydri does not recognize the mark, but he does know of a group of adventurers that have recently returned from the crafting district. He takes us to the infirmary and we speak with Zaffrab. Mor shows the windling the smith’s mark on his sword. The windling knows of the mark, but nothing else of the smith that used it. He does have a dagger that bears the same mark that he recovered from the Tribridge Area of the city. It is at the edge of the crafting district by the bridge where the two bridge come together. Tallhallow tries to look at the dagger as it projects into the astral plane, but the veil is too thick in this town.

We thank Zaffrab for his help, but we need more answers. Tallhallow tells us that he is also seeking the statue in the Tribridge area. There were several highly skilled artisans that once lived in that area near the crafters. While Mor is gathering extended supplies, Tallhallow and Dixon research the area.

Armed with knowledge and supplies we go into the city of Parlanth. The air of this city carries a dark taint, even seventy years after the scourge. Many of the buildings have already fallen over from rot or damage. We are being trailed by a large pack of blood jackals, but these are only the carrion hunters that will not bother us until they sense weakness. If we are injured by something further in they will be problematic when we retreat. Tallhallow points out two earth elementals and one stone elemental. The stone elemental was once a hearth spirit but was changed when the city moved to the astral plane, not it just sits there looking lost. Tallhallow tries and talk to it, but it does not know much of anything beyond its immediately area.

A few hours later we reach the Tribridge area. It is just after noon so we have four or five hours before we must look for a good place to bunk down for the night. Mor wanders off trying to find a forge, but has no luck. Tallhallow find a collection of bones that tell a bloody story. The individuals do not have wounds from horrors, but instead they turned on each other. Whatever caused this could still be lurking around so we should be more cautious in our search.

As evening approaches we are no closer to finding either the artisan who made the statue or the weaponsmith who forged Mor’s blade. We are however, attacked by blood jackals. A particularly aggressive pack jumps from ambush and tries to drag us to the ground. We do our best to divide the pack, but we get driven apart. We are all blooded, but we kill enough of the blood jackals to drive the survivors off.

We push deeper into the city and become more confused by the surroundings. We have had to divert so many times by other packs of blood jackals that we have only a few moments to rest and eat a quick meal. For the next two hours we search through rubble not finding anything until we come across fresh blood stained rocks. This must be the location where Zaffrab and his companions were ambushed. The bodies of his companions have already been drug off by the blood jackals.

After moving some rubble we find the signmark of this smithy and the smith’s mark matches Mor’s sword. This is likely where the weaponsmith that forged his family’s weapon worked. Mor continues to move rocks under the direction of Dixon while Tallhallow peers into the Astral plane. Tallhallow sees spirits being bottled up or held back by something – and that something is moving. Too late he discovers that it was a large rock and Mor has moved the rock, releasing the spirits.

A large spirit glides forward and cackles when he sees Mor’s blade. He longs to drink once again of its blood and wear the skin of the trolls. Behind him bones rise from the rubble and rush us. Tallhallow again grants Dixon and Mor’s weapons fire assisting us in destroying the undead. The spirit works to destroy Tallhallow’s spirit and possibly posses the body. Still with a heroic push the last of the physical zombies are destroyed and the spirit forced to flee.

With the spirit banished we find a hidden stash of scrolls and family documents. We discover the weaponsmith’s name is Conault, which is the name of a great-great-uncle of Mor’s who lived at the time of the scourge. We find a personal journal indicating that he was married to Ethene – including where they lived. We go to their house and find the statue of wood and stone that Tallhallow was seeking.

After camping for the night we return to Haven and into the books of legends.

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