The Maoi Nui

Another group joins us on the airplane – Jacques, Marietta, a military bodyguard, and their teenager. The pilot comes back into the cabin and asks that everyone please stow their weapons as they already had an incident on another plane. The cabin is sealed and pressurized separately in case of such incidents. Jack Randall takes a seat nearest the bar. Sam, Marie, David, and Strawberry take seats away from the other group. The captain tells everyone to buckle as the plane takes to the air. After a few minutes the stewardess pulls down a screen and sets up a projector that plays a welcome video to the Grand Market.

A man calling himself Ceaser Novus comes on and explains what they have for sale. Everything from WWII, to Vietnam/Korea, to the latest cutting edge technology. We will be staying at his personal 5 star resort. Once the video is done we settle in for the flight.

After an hour Marietta comes over to the group and begins to flirt with Strawberry. After getting the brush-off for any sex-escapes she changes her target and goes and hit on Sam. Sam also gives her the brush-off after a brief conversation. Before Marietta can move on to a new target the captain announces the plane will begin landing. We can see out the window a man-made landing strip. Once we disembark we are directed toward our helicopter that will take us to the resort.

As the helicopter takes off we can see target ranges, complete with posts to bind people. Fighter planes in embankments, a few surface-to-air missiles, and bunkers showing signs of explosions and fire damage. Everything has been designed to make it difficult to notice from satellites that pass over-head. The helicopter takes us on a wide path through the various rocky outcroppings showing the various hotels. Like Vegas each hotel has its own distinct style, each one trying to outdo its neighbors.

We land at the helipad by the main resort and are introduced to Kalii, our personal assistant. She takes us to our room and tells us our luggage will arrive later. Along the way she will point out the paths to reach the beach, dining hall, theater, and clubs where we an listen to live music. Jack changes into one of the swim trunks stocked in the room and hits the beach. Eventually Marie finds something appropriate and makes her way to the beach as well. She spends her time reading the conversation of those around her, while Jack drinks and swims.

Strawberry and Sam waits for their luggage before asking Kalii to escort her around the island. The people that live on the large island are the Maoi Nui and have lived here for a hundred generations before Mr. Novus arrived just over a year ago. She shows them the village and tells them about the history of her people. She clearly stays on the script that was prepared by her employers. When they reach the beach Strawberry guides them to an area away from other people. Strawberry tries several times to get more information out of her, but she cannot seem to befriend her enough to get past her conditioning.

Jack finishes swimming and returns to his room to get a islander shirt so he can go to the dining hall (which requires a shirt for service). He is dining early and then hits the club. Nothing much is happening at the club so he returns to the room around 10 pm.

Strawberry and Sam return to the room just as David and Marie leave for dinner. After cleaning up they join David and Marie for dinner. As desserts are being rolled out one of the staff comes on and announces that weapons should not be brandished as another unfortunate incident has occurred. If this continues they will have to take further steps. After finishing the announcement the dinner musack returns.

Strawberry, Sam, and Kalii go to the club. After an hour of hanging in the club Strawberry notices that Nina is in the crowd. She is heavily disguised, by Strawberry is 100% sure that it was her. They lock eyes for a brief moment and Nina leaves shortly after, her conversation clearly over.

After dinner Marie goes and sees the magic show. It is a decent magic show, but the entertainer is trying way too hard to work the crowd. He would not even make the crappiest hotel in Vegas or Monaco.

By the time everyone comes back Jack has found a funicom game system and is deeply into the pixelated karate game. Kalii goes into her room on the third floor, while the others go to the Master Bedroom on the bottom floor. They sweep the room for bugs finding two wireless and one wired bug. The bathroom is clean so they go in there to talk. Strawberry tells them that she saw Nina in the club heavily disguised.

Around 2 AM there is a knock on the door. Jack answers it and is handed a Betamax tape by a concierge. He cannot remember ordering a movie, but he is very tired. He tosses the tape on the top of the player and crashes on the couch.

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