Orion in Hong Kong

We arrived separately in Hong Kong and meet Nina, our contact at a house showing on the 24th floor at a brand new swanky condo. Aside from the staged furniture there is a older gentleman in a wheelchair. He calls himself The Admiral and hands us some mission papers. One of their radio transmitters picked up a conversation between Rashid El-Kamal, an arms dealer, and his associates. Something big is in the works an auction of some high-priced weapon. This arms dealer is a recluse and operates exclusively through trusted associates. His boat is called the Tiger Cat and currently in transit.

Strawberry has a passing resemblance to Rio Marino, one of this dealer’s aide-de-camp, and Sam looks close enough to Baez Diadian, one of her bodyguards. The plan is to overcome them and impersonate them. Then use our position to discover the weapon. The Titan Team is waiting on standby if we need them, but they will be information on the ground.

Rashid is pretty picky about his food. He restocks his ship with halal foods when he reaches port. A few hours on the phone Strawberry finally reaches the Royal Edward Supply Company. They have a standing order for 9 AM for the Tiger Cat. To prepare to impersonate them Strawberry, Sam, and David had lunch outside their business. Their drivers are outfitted in simple black slacks and white shirts driving trucks with their logo. The boxes are generic cardboard hand-packed with their supplies.

Tiger Cat

The next morning the Tiger Cat arrives in port. We arrange to get a similar van and load it with boxes, some of which contain boxed and canned food. Sam arrives at the dock two hours before the actual van will arrive and one hour before we arrive. She watches the ship and sees our van arrive. David and Strawberry get out and are met by the master of the dock – Jack and Marie remain inside. The master escorts them to the ship’s gangplank where they are met by Baez. She forbids them entry and insists they leave the supplies on the pier and return to their van. Flummoxed they leave the supplies and return towards the van.

Jack, who watching this through the front window, exists the the van sneaks towards the front of the ally but is spotted by a security guard. He manages to cover for his mistake by claiming he is avoiding work and a beating from his boss. He bums a cigarette from him and chats for a bit. Strawberry and David return and seem to be in disagreement about how to proceed. Jack, looking abused, loads up a dolly with boxes and drags them towards the Tiger Cat. When he reaches the bottom of the plank he avoids asking for permission – instead turing around and dragging his dolly up the plank.

Strawberry, David, and finally Marie all grab boxes and come down the docks – escorted by the dock master. They see Jack being escorted inside by Baez and so Strawberry and David drag boxes up the gangplank, while Marie stays behind to distract the master of the dock master.

It goes sideways

Once inside Jack sets down the dolly, draws his knife, and turns to stab Baez – just as just is drawing her pistol to shoot him. Jack moves quicker and drives his knife deep into get guts. He stabs her a few more times to ensure she is dead and drags her into a nearby water locker. He can hear some commotion outside and when he returns to the top of the deck he sees one of the crew running across and hitting some sort of emergency button, causing red lights to flash. David pummels her unconscious and with Jack’s help drags her inside.

Strawberry pushes her way inside and comes under fire from one of the crew with a submachine-gun. Jack, man-handling the unconscious crew member, manages to distract her enough that Strawberry puts her down.

Marie manages to succeed in sending the dock master away and rejoins the rest of the team on the ship, just in time to hear a loud splash from the front of the ship. Realizing that one of the crew must still be running around, Strawberry dives into the water and gives chase. She manages to catch her on the dock and throw her back into the water. Eventually she subdues the woman and drags her through the water to an empty boat. Once she is tied up she swims towards the Tiger Cat.

On the Tiger Cat, David and Jack reach the pilothouse and see one of the crew members radioing for help. David tries to shoot her, but the glass is bulletproof. Jack manages to pick the lock letting David inside and subduing the woman. Jack ties her up while David goes down to the main deck to meet Sam, who has been walking down the pier.

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