Casino Lisboa

After successfully evading the harbor police we manage to scuba our way to an isolated spot along a coastal highway. Strawberry and Sam wave down a passing car and get a ride into the city to the King Edwards Hotel. Out in the bay someone take control of the Tiger Cat and pushes her engines to the firewall. When the police boat gets close someone on deck fires an RPG at the boat forcing it to turn away. However, a nearing British Destroyer fires a shot over its bow. We are not able to see the end result as they turn around the far side of the island.

Jack Randall, David, and Marie get a ride thirty minutes later on the back of a truck that is going into town. Meanwhile Strawberry and Sam got taxis and head out to the point only to find out that the rest of the team is not longer there. Lucky we all manage meet up at the Spy Tower.

We call The Admiral and report our failure. He tells us to stay in the office and he will be over to rundown this mission failure. When he arrives he is escorted by a well-dressed bodyguard/commando. He breaks down our failures one by one, including captured information of Jack on the deck of the ship naked. Lucky for us he has some information that could help salvage this mess.

The Lee Theatre in Kowloon is an address they have arranged for safe rescue. We might be able to pick them up when they arrive. Additionally Tau Lang, a lawyer, has been visiting the police station where Baez Diadian and Rio Marino are being kept demanding their release. The Admiral is using what influence he has to keep them at the station. He believes he can substitute Strawberry and Sam for the two woman in custody and have them released instead.

Strawberry and Sam return to Strawberry’s hotel room and works to make her and Sam look more like the women in custody. Unfortunately the effort is less than stellar, but it should be good enough. The switcheroo happens and they are escorted out of the police station into the care of Tau Lang. He arrives in his personal car and drives them to the Lee Theatre. They are taken to the office of Mr Zhang who has been waiting for them.

The rest of the team takes a taxi to the Lee Theatre to check out the meeting place. Around the Lee Theatre are three different gangs of skinheads or punks waiting for the doors to open. The movie posters are faded and torn and the building itself rundown. When the doors open we go inside with the rest of them. Roadies are on the stage setting up while the crowd is milling around. These are not locals, but instead the men are English and other Continentals. One of them approaches us and begins chatting. David builds a cover story that he is a courier of high-priced goods. Marie is his “accountant” and Jack his bodyguard. He tells us that someone in the back room is also in the “business” and might want in on his play. This punk leads us into a back room to wait for him as he is in another meeting.

Mr. Zhang, a go-between, tells them that they will be traveling to Casino Lisboa in Macau where the auction will occur within five days. All monies will be deposited into the casino in whatever form they bring. There will be demonstrations over several days, many of them graphic in nature. Strawberry/Rio tries to pry some additional information from Mr. Zhang that she is willing to pay a hefty finders’ fee. Mr. Zhang agrees to look around, but not enough to raise suspicions.

With their meeting David, Marie, and Jack are fetched for their meeting and pass Strawberry and Sam in the hallway. Marie says that Strawberry is her boss and they do not meet with Mr. Zhang. We are held in the hallway while Mr. Zhang confers with the man who was escorting David. Eventually we are allowed to leave with Mr. Zhang’s good wishes. We catch a taxi and travel close to the hotel district, eventually making our way to the hotel. In the morning we will meet with Nina and get what we need for the second part of the mission.

We fly commercial from Hong Kong to Macau while some cover stories are built for Jack, David, and Marie. At the casino Strawberry, David, and Sam wait to deposit two million ($2 million) USD into casino’s account. David, tired of waiting, takes his own money and hits the casino. Strawberry and Sam are sitting in the casino watching the people come and go to see if they know anybody. They notice an asian man watching them intently. He goes to the bathroom and then comes back and and keeps watching them. Eventually he comes over and tries to pick them up, only to be denied by Strawberry.

When her contact arrives Strawberry deposits the money, 2.008 million USD, and gets a pager that will notify her when everything is ready. Sam and her return to their rooms, while David returns to gambling. Inside the room Strawberry finds a bug in a lamp and one in the phone.

Jack hits the bar around 9 pm local time and hangs out drinking until 2 am. At 1 am a large group of gangsters trailing prostitutes and hanger-ons arrive at the casino. They hang out in the bar and drop large bills buying up drinks and attention. Eventually they go into the private rooms for some high-stakes gambling.

The night passes.

In the morning Jack hits some breakfast and then beach while the others are mulling the days events in their rooms. David goes to the shipping facility and picks up a package containing some untraceable guns. After dropping them off in his room he hits the casino.

Strawberry is in her room when she hears someone moving around in their front room. She listens at the bedroom door and hears whispering. She cracks open the door and looks into the front of the suite. She can make out a single person with a silenced revolver in the suite’s front room scanning the room. She crawls under the bed and tears open the box spring to crawl inside. She hears the door open and someone come in. They search the room and cannot find her. The gunman has a conversation with another man about where she could be found. They had been watching the room and never saw her leave. Eventually she crawls out and checks the suite finding they left.

Guessing they might have left something behind she sweeps all of the rooms for bugs. Eventually Jack returns from the beach and after gathering up Sam we go to get lunch. Along the way we gather in David and Marie. During lunch a very large sikh comes into the restaurant and sits nearby. Jack and David go up and speak with him – Jack playing the role of the loud and dumb American. He seems to just be someone visiting the area or possibility working with somebody in the auction, but not directly.

We return to the room and Jack spots that someone across the hall has messed with their peep hole and turned it into a periscope. That evening David finds someone slid a paper under the door. It says there is a contract out but for 50,000£ they are willing to look the other way. We are on our guard the following morning, but on the next day the pager goes off giving us a time.

We arrive at the private airport and board the flight for our final destination.

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