Breaking Dawn

David wakes up first and goes wandering about the complex in the hopes of finding parts of the complex where we are not allowed to go. Marie leaves the room an hour later and Sam a few minutes after that. Marie goes to the dining hall while Sam eventually meets up with David.

Jack is still sleeping soundly on the couch and nobody wakes him, but they leave notes. Jack eventually wakes up and gets Kalii and goes to breakfast – wearing only a robe and boxers. He is seated at the table closest to the kitchen and several suggestions to eat and leave early. He sees Marie leave the dining hall, but does not signal to her. After finishing up the food Kalii left behind they return to their rooms.

Sam spots several large vehicles transferring boxes. They are going into a garage door in the side of the mountain. Sam moves from cover to cover to get closer, but cannot see much more than the front of the garage. There is a man-door next to the garage door. She spends several hours and counts noses of those that come in and out. She sees fifteen unique European guards over the course of several hours.

David goes to a demonstration at the gun range. Salesmen from H&K, Browning, Colt, FNL, and Glock all have representatives. During a lunch he notices a server slip a gun from the table under her serving tray. While returning to the food prep she drops the gun in a pre-dug hole and cover it with sand. She does this twice more. David calls her over for a drink and while she is waiting mentions what a smooth operator she was in nicking those guns. The server does not respond, but simply smiles faintly.

While Jack is horseback riding he is nearly shot by some kid with a paintball gun. He charges in puruit and catches the bastard. Before he can return to Kaylee two security guards step out of the trees and take the kid into custody. The kid has been a hassle for them several times, but his parent is rich enough to buy off any problems. Jack finishes his ride and goes to speak with Marie about what happened in the woods. After that he drags Kalii to lunch.

Everyone kills time until the large presentation after dinner about the “special” weapons available for sale. David finds the video tape that Jack had thrown on the table. The first thirty minutes of a pornographic movie, but then it ejects with an error. We find the tape has been altered. A second tape has been attached. it shows security footage of a room upstairs from us where guards drug out two hooded people. There is further footage of some hidden camera footage from inside a large purse or bag. We decide to investigate.

Marie and David go to the presentation. Ceaser Novus come on stage and tells everyone that he supports their freedom movement to throw off the shackles of government oppression. He has invited no governments and looks forward to seeing the progress the men and women in this room bring to the world. After his speech each table is given a booklet outlining when and where each demonstration. Given what we are after it will probably take place in the center complex.

Sam and Jack go upstairs to the room, bypassing two security locks. Inside the room we can hear the shower running. We toss the room and find that much of the stuff has already been removed. After finding nothing we ambush the guy coming out of the show. Sam tries to interrogate, but Jack steps in and works him over. His name is Jawceed and he works for Marwan Bata . He discovered the evidence that members of the group were spying and called security. Rafi , their driver, and Emii Bazhi , a concubine, were both involved. He did not care who they worked for, but he is glad they are gone. Their questions answered, Jack throws Jawceed over the balcony and into the water.

On the way to the elevator we are met by Stevens , a security guard. He is the one that sent us the tape and while he cannot reach Rafi and Emii he knows they are in the holding cells. He is glad that the Americans have finally arrived and can take this place down.

Jack returns to the room, but Sam needs a drink – heavily and much. She was shaken by the cold-bloodiness of tossing the man over the balcony into the water to die. At the bar she meets up with Securio Tusi , an old college from Chicago . He works to keep the various mobs in check and talking to each other rather than killing in the streets. He remembers Sam from working with her and so they swap stories while Sam drinks. Eventually Sam returns to the room where we are discussing plans for getting into the important show in the central facility.

The next day we divide to accomplish our tasks. In the evening Jack sweeps the room for bugs and cameras. He finds several wireless bugs and have identified a few wired ones in the ceiling fans. Later in the evening he builds a small shortwave radio and long antenna hanging outside the balcony.

In the morning before breakfast David calls “Queen Anne Travel Agency” to make contact with Orion. Through a complex code the “bursar” tells him that the Titan Team is nearby but waiting far enough off shore to not be targeted by a anti-ship missile. We need to shut down any defenses before they can begin the assault on the island.

Sam sneaks off to find an alternative entrance into the mountain. She circles the mountain looking for vents, water pipes, or anything that would allow egress. She finds nothing aside from the large garage door and nearby man door.

The display of the ground assault weapons begins. Small arms are used against random villagers to display their effectiveness. There are ground-attack fighters and attack helicopters. Several man-portable SAMs are launched into sky at old WW2 barrage balloons.

Marie attends the chemical demonstrations. It is run by Cleopatra Midnight who is dressed as some type of voodoo priestess. Several times during the demonstrations Marie corrects a few mistakes Midnight makes to establish credentials.

After several more hours of search Sam finally discovers a natural volcano tube that is large enough to move through that reaches the inner parts of the complex. She meets up with David and together they hatch a plan. They go to the cabana and borrow the phone to call Stevens. They agree to meet outside of an apartment complex. He lets them into an empty room and they discuss plans. Stevens agrees to get a spare uniform and guard’s key card.

We meet for lunch to discuss our plans. David spots the island girl that was stealing guns. She is now hanging out near the chemical and biological display. He tries to make contact with her about what she is planning. They dance around the conversation, neither side willing to commit. She is not part of a native uprising, but instead she is here to acquire something – something that she is not willing to talk about.

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