Action Time

Strawberry met with Jacques, Marietta for some enjoyment time. It turns out that both are into some pretty heavy Marquis de Sade style of playtime. Alcohol and drugs were heavily involved. In the middle of the night two guards arrive at Jacques’ room. They tell him that they captured two spies and his presence is requested. He lets his wife sleep and takes Strawberry with him. She gets a very detailed look at rooms under the main hall, including a small submarine and cells filled with island natives.

Jacques and Strawberry finally reach the room where two spies are tied to a pair of metal chairs. Jacques spends several hours slowly torturing the pair until Strawberry feigns boredom and asks to return to her room. A security guard arrives and escorts her to the elevator, using his security code to lock the elevator to returning to the upper floors only. She is tired and strung out so returns to her room. Strawberry does not wake up until she joins us at lunch.

For the afternoon Strawberry joins Marie at the biological and chemical demonstration. Jack spends the afternoon shuttling back and forth between everyone to exchange information. He then returns to the room to tinker with his radio.

Sam spies Tony Blade with some of his friends at a nearby table. She goes over and asks to speak with him privately. She tries to enlist his help in providing her a distraction for a bit of five-finger discount. She has heard rumors that the authorities could possibly be nearby, maybe even have already infiltrated the island. She has her own escape route and would be willing to help him escape.

During the afternoon Strawberry and Marie attend a talk about various chemical agents. One scientist gets a little too excited about his presentation talking about a binary virus that can be introduced into a groups food or water supply at that same time. When you stop introducing the counter-agent it takes effect. He would have talked more about it, but Cleopatra Midnight shuts him down when he mentioned about using it on captive population. He quickly exits the room. Marie takes an opportunity to follow him and learn more about Lot 241.

They talk and walk as he excitedly talks about his viral wonder that is better than a neutron bomb. A person infected by the virus can only live 48 hours without the counter-agent. She thanks him for the information and returns to the presentation room.

Over dinner we go over some final changes to the plan, including a backup if things go awry. David returns to the room to catch some early sleep for his early morning excursion. Jack stays for some evening drinks.

Strawberry notices her chance to reach the big table and angles to come to the attention of Ceaser Novus and his close confidants. She wiggles her way to his attention and opens up the conversation about Geo-political thoughts. He is very much a power-to-the-people arms dealer. He has equal disdain for all sides in the global conflict, from big governments to small. He wants thousands of freedom fighters across the globe igniting a thousand different wars. Profit and free-market freedom for all. It is very much freshmen college political theater that even shows on the faces of his hangers-on.

Their conversation goes on about various topics trying to hide her real objective. She comes back with the information that all of the things they are selling are currently on the island. This makes the job easier as we just have to stop the planes to leave. During high tide the runways are underwater.

David goes to the communication room and makes a coded call to Orion. He passes along our information, but he hears bad news in return. They did not hear information from us in time so things will be rolling in less than an hour. Nina has “acquired” a team of mercenaries and is waiting for the team to arrive. In addition there is a Russian Aircraft carrier in the area, along with a Chinese Cruiser and Vietnamese Destroyer. This throws our plans into disarray. David immediately puts on his guard’s uniform and goes to disable the SSMs, the rest of the team goes to one of the hidden gun cache that Stevens told us about.

David reaches the beach just outside of the barracks when the rest of the team jury-rigs the elevator into the secret. When we reach the bottom the others turn and guard the corridor while Jack runs to open the cell doors. Jack finds the door unlocked and the cell empty. Over the loudspeakers someone tells everyone to stay in their room while security deals with a problem. Two guards try to sneak forward and are taken under fire by Strawberry and Sam. When they retreat Marie charges forward to cover the other hallway. Although the hallways are long and lacking cover the guards increase their distance forcing Strawberry to slow down to avoid running into an ambush.

David nimbly avoids getting pulled along with the guards and pushes his way towards the control room. He bypasses the control room and climbs up to the top of the volcano where the missile battery is located. He pulls out a bunch of cables, hoses, and anything else he can find. He also shots two electronic panels. When he nears the middle of the way down the missile battery explodes and the stairwell begins to collapse. When he reaches the control room he discovers that someone has come by and shot up the room and guards stationed here.

Strawberry and Sam move down one hallway, while Jack and Marie move down the other. Strawberry comes under fire and returns fire, hitting several guards. Sam covers her while she retreats and changes magazines. Strawberry moves forward again and drops prone. Sam, shaken by the violence retreats to a door that is midway along the hallway. The room has mechanical facilities and with many club-wielding natives. She goes inside to speak with them.

On the opposite side a native opens a door and looks at Marie and Jack. Jack looks inside the room and see a native woman with a manual trying to figure your a small nuclear reactor. Rather than risk a meltdown Jack helps her while Marie continues sneaking down the hallway. The native woman is trying to just turn off the power, so Jack does that for here.

A grenade comes bounding down the hallway, but exploding nowhere near Strawberry. She rolls over and yells out that she has been hit – tricking one of the guards down far enough to kill him. The remaining guard retreats further up the ramp.

Marie stops when she spots a barricade the guards have setup, retreating a bit further back down the hallway.

Jack tells the native woman that they have other people on the island that should be helping. She commands those with here and as a ground they charge out the door, past Marie, and up the ramps – overrunning the barricade.

Strawberry continues to press up the ramp, with Sam trailing behind her. Sam spots a guard behind them peek out behind the wall and shots toward him so that he ducks behind cover. When they reach the top of the ramp they see a guard distracted by something – he is firing wildly in the opposite direction. He retreats to cover when Sam shoots at him.

Eventually we gain control of the barracks and meet up with David. Over the radio we make contact with the Titan Team. They have formed a beachhead on the flooded runway. We advise them that we will not be approaching the runway and anyone that does is a target.

We split up. Sam heads up while the rest of the team runs down towards the submarine bay in the hopes of disabling the last way off the island. When we get there there are four dead guards and the submarine is missing. The entire team rendezvous in the dining hall. Sam gets there first and sits down with some of the calmer individuals who are raiding the liquor cabinet.

We work our way up the floors – Strawberry killing everyone in a radio room. On the fourth floor we find a vault that Jack opens. Inside it is clear that Ceaser Novus got away with some of the worst biological and chemical agents. There is a bomb rigged to blow, but Marie quickly disarms it with five minutes to spare.

We meet up with the Titan Team and leave the island while the Russians, Chinese, and Vietnamese

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