LSJ: The Edge of Night 2

The streets of Amthydor of is nearly empty with only patrols of the Diamond Watch walking the streets. Shuk, Kurgan, Axel vonStumpwasser, and Jenestra vonStumpwasser arrive at the Diamond Watch HQ at our appointed time. The faces of numerous advisors and leaders are tired and drawn. High Warrior Brain speaks to everyone gathered. They area planning the mass assault to recover the orb. The Quorum of Faith is preparing the ritual. Three temples must work together that or it will fail. One temple of Good, Neutral, and Evil must come to this conclusion for anything to work. We have been authorized to act on behalf of the city in helping at least one temple of each axiom. Remember that even temples that serve like causes may be bitter rivals.

We go to the House of Sensation to speak with clerics of Dymora for their aid. The Temple District is crowded as everyone flocks to the gods as the end of the world approaches. Billowing black clouds roll through the district booming this deafening thunder. Lightning crashes among terrified followers. The temples Destine, Emerys, Meneon, Peliron, and Sorena are targeted by the lightning. A group of armed men notice us and attack led by a woman in flowing robes. She leads the thugs during the attack and pushes us back against the wall, eventually driving a wedge between us. When her thugs are finally killed she draws upon her ki powers and flees the battle.

The storm finally clears as people help those close to them burned by the lightning or deafened by the thunder. The terror that wafted through the Temple District has now nearly outright panic. We continue on our way towards the House of Sensation. Funnel clouds of dark vapor streaked with flame twist down from the sky. When they dissipate three flaming hellcats and wailing allips are left behind. We stagger out of the battle worse for effort and nearly expended of our spells and abilities. Thankfully we are not attacked as reach the stairs of the House of Sensation. We convince an acolyte to escort us to the high priestess.

We are taken into the private chambers of Lady Jade . She is is willing to negotiate to aid the city in its time of need if the Quorum of Faith would make her the patriarch. We contact the Quorum and they deny the request. Instead we negotiate that we would be willing to preform a favor that does not violate the laws of the city or the laws of our personal religions. This of course is only possible if no follower of Eliana is not involved.

With one of the temples willing to help we go to the Shrine of Sorena to seek their help. Given that their sun has been eclipsed we expect to reach an agreement. We speak with Deputy High Priest Mathas who was waiting for our arrival. He tells us that his temple is more than willing to help to drive Oblivion from the sky and restore their goddess to her rightful glory. Every adherent is willing to give up their own lives if necessary to see the end of Oblivion.

To gain the followers of Brianna we travel to the [[Grove of Brianna][. It has moved far from the city so it takes a couple of hours walk for us to reach the grove. The priestess is willing to participate if the city will help them explore more of the dark woods located west of the city. It is a most unnatural thing and must be explored and its evil inhabitants killed. The Quorum agrees to these terms.

We have negotiated the three temples needed for the rituals and so return to High Warrior Brain. It will take several days for each of the ranking clerics to purify themselves and arrive at a central location for the ritual. We receive the thanks of the city and our standard fee, but we will be needed during the time of ritual to stand fast once again against Oblivion and his followers.

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