The Road to a Luxury Resort

To recap last week Thundarr has been completely mind controlled and is floating along the room as he nears the giant holographic face. Ballistic runs forward and tries to swat the floating crystal from the air, but it is just out of his reach. Kade throws a few knives at the mosaic face taking a very small chip from the surface. The other three floating people that have tentacles wrapped around them moan as some of their life energy is drained out of them. Jack tries to swim towards Thundarr who has drawn his sword and slashes a tentacle away from him.

The face shoots out a beam of light at Kade blinding him, then shoots Thundarr with a lightning bolt. it must have drawn too much life force from Flar as the tentacle retracts letting his body float to the ground. The combat is fierce, but mostly filled with moments of sheer incompetency. Laser fire from Jack flashes around the room – hitting nothing. Flashing fiery swords from Thundarr – hit nothing. Ballistic throws a grenade and ends up hitting nothing. Finally Jack manages to hit a few of the tentacles, but not even scratching them.

Then our luck begins to turn. Finally five of the tentacles are destroyed and everyone is free – with Ballistic and Kade fleeing the room. When Thundarr frees Jack he runs for the safety of the hallway as well, but before Thundarr can retreat he is grabbed again. With some fierce attacks Thundarr is freed and two more tentacles destroyed. With only one tentacle remaining everyone attacks the face. Its stands up to our fire for several seconds before it speaks. “I am through with this charade! Witness my true self and tremble with fear!” The face crumbles and through an opening in the fall steps a large stone giant.

Thundarr is forced back by this large creature and Kade rushes into the room. The giant smacks Thundarr with his fist and flattens him. Ballistic and Jack shot the stone giant knocking off huge chunks of stone. Kade dances around the giant, but cannot find a chink in its skin to drive his knife. Thundarr just staggers up, summons his sword, and kills the giant. We grab up the device, Edlina, Clar, and Flar and flee the room.

Ballistic renames himself Hex after he is voted in as a member of the crew.

Ballistic spends his time looking over the device and determines that it is a star guide. It predicts a planet in the Diaspora before the asteroid belt existed, but not the planet Octune. Unfortunately the clockwork box is not fully functional. We turn the box and Flar to the “boss” and get our reward. We then turn Edline and Clar over to her family and get the lock removed from the Chimera. The government puts us up for three weeks at a luxury resort to compensate us for their “bureaucratic snafu.”

Ballistic and Jack hit up a casino barge that orbits nearby. Jack manages to win a large sum of money – specifically from Barka, a naer-do-well who fancies himself a top gambler. Jack calls in a few favors from Lonnie to get Barka off his back. He discovers that Barka is a member of the Spannos Gang.

Ballistic is more judicious with his money, winning on a bit based upon the odds, but he draws attention. The pit boss approaches Jack and speaks with him in a back room. Ballistic is from a well-known combat model that was involved in a massacre of undead on the planet Gavarnos. These undead call themselves the Borais and they are protected by Pact World law. He suggests that it would be best if he kept his “robot” underwraps.

Kade made his way to the tech yards to build himself a targeting computer. The fight with the phased entity shows the limit of his capabilities. He purchases some bits, scrounges up a few more, and adds to his growing pile. It is a difficult bit of work for him, but with the help of another tech he runs into to the job is finished. He goes out to the range and dials in the settings. While at the range he hears word that a green dragon that has settled on a portal world that was once owned by the elves.

Thundarr has been going to temple to visit Berethon, his master, for additional training – hitting the bars – and relaxing at the resort. At some point he wakes up in a chair in a room surrounded by goblins. They start chanting “Vandam!” in unison. A mother comes forward and holds up her child. Thundarr pats the child on the head and the goblins are in awe. He eventually works through the group and leaves the room, finding himself in Pipetown. Thundarr is now the God of the Goblins.

We reach out to Hesmarca Larken for some new work. He rounds up a simple delivery to Akiton. During the three weeks of downtime we have received a upgrade to the Chimera. We drop off a bunch power units and head back to Absalom Station. Just after exiting the drift we begin to hear noises and catch movement out of the corners of eyes. Hex catches sight of a gnome, but cannot catch it. Instead we set a trap to flush the gnome towards Hex, who has taken up a sniper position in the Cargo Bay.

We flush him into bay and capture him. The gnome is a reporter that has been working on an expose of the Hell Knights. The Hell Knight fiercely uphold the absolute word of the Pact World law. He has dirt on the fact that one of their ship captains has been breaking the law in pursuit of his own ideals. He has become corrupt and will soon be eliminated by the other Knights, but until then he is running free. The Hell Knights will not want his information to reach the general public.

When we dock at Absalom Station the Hell Knights have already laid in ground work that the gnome is a traitor and has committed a laundry list crimes. Even his own news station is having a difficult time cutting through the news to support him. Thundarr insists on helping the gnome so he goes in search for him as we unloaded him and the cargo several hours ago.

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