The Click-Clack Club Kidnappings

After docking at Absalom Station the crew disembarks while the ship undergoes maintenance. Thundarr is on his way to the Cosmonastery of the Empty Orbit where he trained when he sees Master Berethon Delucia who trained him. His master is just finishing up his dinner when Thundarr sits at the table. After some brief chit-chat the dreams of the Dark Solarian come up. Several other members of the temple, including Master Delucia, have had them as well. He was able to resist the influence – Thundarr assures him that he did as well, but he is not so sure about it. After a farewell Thundarr goes to the Click-Clack Club for entertainment.

The Click-Clack club turns out to be a club for Androids, Robots, and metal-heads. As Thundarr is none of these things a fight quickly escalates with a Vesk about his drunkenness and disrespect. A fight between two overly drunk people is not a pretty thing and soon they are just flailing about. Ballistic , a combat robot leaning against the wall mistakenly recognizes Thundarr as his maintenance tech. He interrupts the fight and drags Thundarr from the bar. While Hammer is trying to convince Thundarr to fix him – Thundarr passes out.

Jack heads towards the darkside of the station where the gypsies congregate in larger numbers. He hooks up with a cousin of his that has some information he is willing sell. There is also some “jobs” that may need his expertise that are less than legal.

Kade hits up the library in the search of more cerebal fare than he has been getting aboard ship. He checks out some of the newest space fighters while talking shop with other pilots.

Alpha simply leaves this ship and never returns.

All of our communicators buzz. It is Gordo who is clearly in a panic over the arrival of station security. They have locked the Chimera in dock for unknown reasons. Before anyone can get anything out of him the line goes dead. Kade goes over to pick up Thundarr, while Jack goes to find out about the ship. A security offical directs Jack to the ship registry for the reason while the Chimera was locked in the dock. Thundarr wakes along the way and sort of staggers along behind Kade trying to meet up with Jack. Jack reaches the Government and discovers that the order to lock the ship happened from higher up. The only note says the lock comes from Stho Agrathon

Before he leaves the office Jack gets an anonymous text. It seems that Ms. Edlina Agrathon has gone missing. It appears that she was a minor staff member at the Starfinder Society with obvious higher connections. There are some notes of the investigation. Clar Extol, her boyfriend, who works at the Arcanamirium , has also gone missing. Flar Extol, Clar’s brother and naer-do-well, also cannot be found for questioning.

We break into two pairs to better search Downside , the shops and housing contained in the spike. Bal and Jack go the station support stations, while Thundarr and Kade hit up the tech stalls that Flar frequented. Most of the station officials tell Jack that six days ago several shady PIs and armed security came around asking the same questions. A few days after than several people got beaten down by thugs in search of Flar. The only thing they can put together is that he might be Rig District. Two well known killers – Mig the one-eye and Truvellian – were just around looking as well.

Thundarr and Kade hit up the tech shoppes and find out that Flar often visited both The Rig as well as Pipetown. With a plurality of information pointing to The Rig we agree to meet up at a shop just outside. Thundarr and Kade arrive first and visit The Rig House – a neutral ground nightclub for those that work in this area. Thundarr tries to stir up some information, but cannot seem to find anyone until Kade twigs to the fact that the bar is emptying out. The man we were talking to shakes his head and leaves as well.

Into the bar walks two men flanked by a pair of thugs. The leader of the men represents a “Mr. Big” who is looking for Flar as well. Flar stole something from his boss and he will have to pay. Given that we are looking for Edlina, and are only looking for Flar as a possible lead, we have no problems turning Flar – or his stolen device – this his boss. Jack and Bal come to the bar just as the goons leave. We ask questions around The Rig, but come up empty on clues.

In Pipetown things are more fruitful. After asking around a goblin attempts to rabbit on us into a set of pipes. With a combined effort we smoke him out and capture him. With a bit of coin we get a goblin interpreter and shake out the details. The girl and her boyfriend did visit Pipetown and this goblin remembers this fondly. He tells us that when people visited Pipetown asking about them they went further down into Ghosttown to hide.

We nearing Ghost town until we are jumped by four thugs on two-wheeled vehicles. They charge down the hallway, but are no match for our combat prowress. We manage to take two prisoners and interrogate them. Flar is the mechanic for this up and coming gang. They thought we work for Deliott and wanted to kill Flar. We take their minibikes, but let the prisoners live.

We find an entrance into Ghosttown. This maze twists and turns about itself – threatening to keep us here forever. Loud clunks, whirls, and grinding echo down the hallways. In time we find what we believe to be their campsite behind a locked door. We have no idea how long they left this place, so we have to continue our search. In this case Thundarr agrees to stay behind in case they return.

Sometime while the others are searching Thundarr hears voices echoing down the halls. They have a strange hypnotic effect on him. The others just catch a glimpse of him crossing a corridor and they follow him. Eventually the voices also pull Jack into their message. We reach a large room where the box is sitting it the middle. Several people are floating through the air bouncing off the walls and each other. When Jack and Thundarr enter the room they float along with the others.

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