Monsters in Space

Led by Kade and Gordo’s bot – Jack, Thundarr, and Alpha make their way towards the room we saw on the computer screen. Along the way we encounter several makeshift barriers. The third barrier is very hastily constructed, but when Thundarr cuts through it a flechette explosive goes off. Gordo finds a small camera and data jack. After destroying the camera he hacks into the system and gains at least some local control over this alien system. Kade shouts a warning as a large robot with flailing arms comes trundling down the corridor. Gordo tries to shut it down from the system, but it just keeps coming. Kade dodges through just as Gordo throws him a grenade. Thundarr holds the line, giving Alpha and Jack cover to fire into the robot, and gets punished over and over again by the chain flails. Kade well places the grenade and destroys the robot.

Just catching his breath Kade continues down the corridor to scout ahead with the rest of the party lagging behind. The few spider-drones he encounters all flee from him. When Kade reaches a door to the Medical Bay, a voice booms down the hallway in a language is not one easily recognizable. Jack can make out a few words, something about “Great Work” and “Barentha”, and “Stop Bother.” To make its point stronger another chain robot moves into the corridor behind us. The medical bay door opens and two humanoid robots step through.

Pinned between them we have no choice but to fight out way free of them. Kade dances around the pair of medical droids; although one of them manages to inject some chemical into him. Gordo lets his robot free to engage the medical droids. By some miracle Gordo’s droid goes crazy and blows holes through one of the medical droids giving Kade an opening to slither free from their range. Thundarr, Alpha, Gordo, and Jack fire on the flail robot as it slowly approaches. The flail robot never gets close as Alpha catches it in a weak-point catching some of its fluids on fire. This frees Thundarr to charge down the corridor and stab the last medical droid.

Gordo hacks the door computer giving us access to the medical bay. We spread out into the room, wary of danger. There are three bodies covered in the nylon webbing with life support equipment hooked into them. Five medical tables have been prepared – more than likely for us. A voice in Lashunta booms out threatening us is we stop the process. It wants to send them on to the next life and we are interfering with his work. Gas begins to fill the room making the task of cutting the Starfinder Society researchers more difficult.

Gordo’s drone manages to close most of the vents as Alpha cuts the first researcher free. Thundarr destroys one of the door panels before the AI controlling this area closes and locks them. Kade and Gordo work to hack the system with Gordo finding the corrupted files the AI is using as its operating system. They are very heavily damaged but Gordo plants a few destructive files if they can get the the AI to reboot and run them. Jack cuts his researcher free and helps him through the door.

Kade finally manages to convince the AI that it should reboot itself, but it will not do it without so without the Orb of Command. Gordo uses the small sphere that was given to him by the strange Ysoki back on Absalom Station. How the ysoki got the orb is a mystery best solved in the future – but at the moment it is enough to reboot the AI where the destructive files planted by Gordo destroys the AI.

While Alpha is helping the researchers, Gordo and Kade manage to liberate some of the religious artifacts that will be sold when we return to Epsilon Station. As we lift off from the planet there is a quick detour to a deep space rendezvous to sell off the pirate body. As we approach the exchange point in addition to the ship that was supposed to meet us are three other ships waiting in ambush. Kade recognizes the ship as belonging to Leshmerga an independent trying to become one of the Free Captains.

We flee back into the Drift and manage to lose most of the ambushers. A mercenary named Jarvik hangs on to our tail. Kade tries to convince Jarvik to just drop back, maybe for some financial gain, but whatever hold Leshmerga has over him is just too strong. Kade instead works to lose him in the Drift before we drop back into normal space. The mercenary is tenacious but Kade is the superior pilot and we manage to break contact. With that we drop back into space and proceed to Absalom Station.

Kade makes contact with representative of the Free Captains. The Free Captains have a completely different story of what happened in deep space. They offer Kade a chance to get his side of the story, but he will need to let a silcer look over the ship’s log. The slicer works over the logs for a couple of hours before accepting that they have not been altered. The representative thanks Kade for his time – he will be in touch.

Once on the station we get paid and some much needed shore leave. Gordo is looking to invest some of his money. One of the brokers put him in contact with someone from AbadarCorp who can help him. The representative, in addition to helping with some investments, is looking to hire a good ship and crew. Denvar, a newly discovered planet, off massive ruins and non-sentient life holds promise. Abadar Corp has put together a expedition and is not just looking to hire passage and potential security. In addition to pay there is a potential bonus if we stay on for some extended time.

Gordo comms everyone about the new job, so we return to the ship and prepare to load people and cargo for the deep space job. The Abadar Corp team includes Standish (Security), Pulos (Mechanic), Yartar (Scientist), Ando (Computer Technician), Granna (Mystic of Abadar), and CP-60cx (Scientist). Once loaded we leave the station and enter the Drift. We exit the drift and immediately find ourselves under attack. We must have dropped into the hunting grounds of something big because a creature with energy pulsing from its body streaks towards us. As it nears we can see that it dwarfs our freighter, but while it is very fast when running we are able to turn far quicker.

Although we are unable to identify the creature it seems to breath some type of ionized particles that not only tear down our shields, but threaten to wreck havoc on our electronics. Gordo and Jack manage to hold our ship together while Kade dances the ship just at the edge of our weapon rang. This gives Alpha and Thundarr the best possible shot to at least drive the creature away. Karma lands in our favor as we drive the creature off.

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