Glorious Space Combat

After we leave Genalis we return to the salvage vessel we found. Alpha and Gordo transfer to the salvage vessel and with Kade at the helm of the Chimera we leave together for Epsilon Station. Upon reaching the stations it requires some some skillful diplomatic maneuvering by Thundarr and Jack to get the vessel registered as salvage. Although they do not allow us to retain possession of it, the military provides a settlement.

After a quick milk run we all take some much needed R&R on Epsilon Station. Alpha has an intense dream of a large tower on a moon orbiting a orangish gas giant. He suspects it might be Livarla which is the only gas giant in the system. While he is using his mashed potatoes to craft the tower a small Ysoki comes running up and spits something out of his cheek pouch at Gordo. It is a chuck of slag of unknown metal. He implores Gordo to keep the metal that it is important and we need it very much. Gordo waves him off and puts the object up for sale.

A few hours later Hesmarca Larken screens us and offers us up a job – something much easier that the mission on Genalis. He has been contacted by the Starfinder Society . There is a outpost on Melus has gone dark and missed their last two communications. They don’t know where exactly on the planet the outpost was located so we will have to locate their pilot – Drebil – who knows there he set them down. He is a gypsy and was last seen on Epsilon Station about 10 cycles ago.

The outpost was set-up by Alivut who was the native guide, having been on the planet for a few days before the researchers landed. Hedif was the head researcher, his assistant was Sobok.

Jack leaves for Pipetown to see if any of her “relatives” have seen Drebil lately. Although some offer to come with her she says they would not be welcome in the gypsy camp. She does find out that Drebil picked up several passengers and took them to an abandoned dwarven mine on the asteroid Hargenoth.

Before we leave Gordo attempts to steal some additional foodstuffs. He has worked as a dockworker in the past and so blends right into the other workers. Unfortunately for him he is caught by a foreman and forced to return the crates he had loaded unto his pallet jack. Luckily we are ready to leave the station before the foreman can figure out he was not even a member of his crew. Kade calculates the in-system jump to Hargenoth.

When we exit The Drift we notice four small fighters patrolling around the asteroid belt. They work for a local pirate gang and streak out to intercept us. Jack demands they stand down and allow us to pass – instead they turn and fight…..and fight…….and fight……and fight some more. The battle goes on for 3 hours of real-time before the last pirate ship bugs out.

When we land on the planet we can see pirates running for their transport. With no shields up we hammer it into oblivion. We find a conscripted pirate, who is pretty badly beat up. We trade information for some medical supplies. It would be easy to just destroy their atmospheric generators, but they have hostages that we need to rescue.

We come upon a choke point where eight pirates are waiting behind tables. Thundarr and Kade rush forward while the others provide fire support. None of the pirates manage to escape. After making our way past a concealed grenade trap we stumble into a room full of pirates holding prisoners hostage. Jack recognizes the leader of the pirates as Xeron.

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