Freeing the Lemurs from Slavery and Life

After the encounter with the space whale, Thundarr , Alpha , and Jack while Kade calculates the jump back into the the Drift . Just five days short of the planet Denvar Jack is at the controls in the Drift when he gets a hailing call from someone calling themselves the Nation of Ibella. They are hoping for some trade so we agree to meet them. Ibella exists on a small chunk of rock with a dome covering most of the surface. We dock on a small landing pad and disembark after the atmosphere extends around us.

Three representatives come to meet us. They introduce themselves as Gorlantor the High Mage of Desmond and Paramede the High Scientist. They take us on a tour of the city before we sit down to discuss trade. There are about twenty-thousand people that live inside the main dome with another thirty-thousand scattered at various smaller towns. They have not had any visitors in over a decade and are eager to trade information – popular culture and scientific advancements is what they desire the most.

Several hours later they prepare a large feast in honor of our arrival. The tour was uneventful so Standish, the commander of the Scientific Expedition aboard the Chimera , agrees to allow his team some shore leave. During the course of the trade Paramede suggests they are willing to trade for human genetic material. This can either be done in a lab or they have willing volunteers the natural way under the watchful eye of Desmond. Kade says that according to his projections they can stay a maximum of fifteen hours before we begin to push back our timetable for reaching Denvar.

The people of this world cannot leave. They feel a religious need to stay where they were guided. Unfortunately the nature of the Drift is that they cannot control their own direction. They have tried to drop several times into normal space, but each time their location appears random and far from the civilized worlds. Several of their people may be willing to trade for passage from here, but the vast majority believe in their religious tenets and choose to stay.

It is a night of pleasure for the humans while the Thundarr and Alpha help with the data transfer. During the trade we get the gift of magic from the High Priestess. Kade and Alpha plot us a course and we continue on the to the planet.

A few days later we finally reach Denvar. The largest continent has a massive ruined city along its southern shoreline. We set the Chimera down in an open area a few klicks from the outer wall of the city. Standish and Pulos grab their gear and ask us to provide additional security according to their contract. We reach the city to find that the wall, nearly three-hundred feet high, is unclimbable – nor would any of their equipment drill through it. Although the wall is hundreds of years old, someone has cleaned and maintained it, possibly an automated system.

We move along the wall until we find an opening large enough that we could even get the Chimera through it. We enter the city with a bit of trepidation as the sun begins to set – Standish insists that we at least go a few blocks as we have come so far already. The streets are clean and some of the lights have been maintained, but not enough to fully light up the roadways. Kade is leading the way when something catches his interest. A blue, oozing, partially organic, thing scoots along the road towards us. Kade recognizes it as an Assembly Ooze which is likely to pursue us.

Thundarr rushes forward to engage the ooze only to find two more oozes beyond Kade’s sight. While he has the three oozes pinned down everyone else engages from range. Flashing magic missles from Alpha combined with sonic and laser fire from Kade keep the creatures off his back. Standish unlimbers a large laser rifle and hits the ooze with pinpoint accuracy. All three oozes are killed, but Thundarr is wounded. Instead of going on we look for a landing site for the Chimera close to the opening.

The next morning CP-60cx, Pulos, and Ando comprise one team that we will be acting as security. They will be working their way through the city in search of functional computer terminals. Standish will lead the other half of his team along the outer wall studying the architecture. The progress through the city is slow as each building is at least casually searched for any scraps of language or computer terminals. We reach a large central market and split into teams to cover the area – trying our best to stay within sight of each other.

In one large “store” CP-60cx and Kade find a computer terminal. After rigging up some power they manage to get it barely online. The system tries to connect to a central server, but cannot reach anything. CP-60cx is able to pull some local data from the terminal, but not as much as he hoped. Kade finds several smaller rooms, but they seem to have been destroyed by fire long ago.

Thundarr and Pulos make their way to into a room filled with vending machines. The food is some heavily preserved snacks that Pulos announces still seem to be edible.

Ando, Jack, and Alpha climb up several levels. On the third level they find a large nesting or primative campsite – it has been used recently. Alpha casts a spell to detect nearby thoughts. He knows that somethings is hiding between the third and fourth floor. They are intelligent and are mostly cowering in fear from what they don’t understand. Alpha, with the help of Jack, manages to coax several of the primitives until they suddenly spook and run off. Ando immediately chases then with Jack and Alpha running behind.

Kade hears a group trying sneak along the main roadway. He comms Thundarr and then helps CP-60cx to hide. Kade is in an ambush position and four primitive orc-like creatures come into the shop. Kade is well hidden, but the creatures locate him by smell. Kade launches his ambush while calling for help from Thundarr. Thundarr is over one-hundred meters away so Kade is already wounded before he can reach him. Together the two of them manage to kill three of them and drive the fourth off.

Pulos is hoping to spot the small creatures that Ando discovered, but he wants us to stay together. We climb to the higher levels, searching the rooms as we pass through them. Thundarr manages to find a functional communication device. It does not have much data, but it has a functional power cable. We follow the power cable eventually coming across several moving walkways – a few of them still functioning. We step on to the fastest one hoping that we can find working computer terminals at the end. It takes us over an hour to reach the end terminal; although we passed several dead terminals along the way. Several times we come across more hunting packs of those primitive creatures, but they prefer to hide from us than fight.

The end terminal is not only powered, but has several working terminals. It is a gold mine of data. CP-60cx finds an entry in the system that has been changed. The system notices that one of its power stations is faulty, but some computer code put into the system stops the computer from sending repair bots to correct it. This is sign of not only intelligent life, but technologically capable. We take a people mover to the power station.

It is near evening when we reach the power station; although Kade slips over the edge and sneaks along slightly behind us. When we reach the end we can hear high-pitched noises; although with someone speaking very gutteral galactic. At the power station there are dozens of crates filled with cages. The cages hold some of the small creatures Ando found in the upper levels. They are being caged by a motley collection of spacer scum. We might have tried to convince them to surrender, but then they wanted to capture us as slaves.

Kade has found himself a sniper perch and begins combat, giving Thundarr a chance to close into melee combat. Alpha unloads fast stars into one of the slavers – killing him. Jack maneuvers to back up Thundarr while continuing to rain insults and sonic fire into them. The battle is sharp enough that Kade needs to come out of the shadows and assist with more close-in battle. The turning point was both good fortune and a bad decision. Thundarr, fully charged with photonic energy, leaps over the cages and drops in between the two remaining slavers. He explodes – killing one and gravely wounding the other – unfortunately he also catches many of the creatures that have been enslaved. Twenty of them die in the fire, but it is clear he is does feel the full weight of what he has done.

It is a tense situation, so it is best for everyone that Thundarr escorts CP-60cx back to the ship. Thundarr stays on the ship while Granna, Standish, and CP-60cx return to the slaving site. Pulos saves one of the slavers. Granna uses her powers to open his mind to her investigation. The slavers have known about this city for several years. They have been trapping and slaving in the tunnels that honeycomb this city. They speculate that the primitive lemurs owned the city long ago, but have devolved over the years to their current state. A ship will be returning in a few days to pick them up and drop off another slaving team.

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