Enter the Chimera

Jack , Gordo , Kade , and Thundarr go to the office of Hesmarca Larken who owns our ship. He introduces us to Alpha , an android who is considering buying a share of the ship. He has a mission for us to the Denalis System. There is only planet in the system with breathable atmosphere. We will be taking on copper ore and traveling to Verces where we will trade the ore for agricultural parts. We will take on a passenger on Versis named Tamara – who is just finished her education and will be returning to Genalis. Tamar and the parts will off-loaded on Genalis and we will take on high-end wine.

After loading up the copper ore on Epsilon Station we leave for Versis – it will be a four day journey. Gordo is managing the loading of the ore under the skilled and watchful eye of Thundarr. Alpha is settling into his space so Jack and Kade hit the bars for a last round. Jack runs into Selest, a gypsy he once bounced around with years ago. She is traveling back to Kesterval. When some station security come by she ducks down and gives an excuse to leave. By the time they return to the ship we are ready to leave.

Three days into the journey Gordo picks up a distress beacon. As we close to the ship it does not match anything in our database. With some smart docking we maneuver alongside and attach the docking collar. This ship is inert, but Gordo detects life-signs. Jack and Gordo suit up and go to investigate. The technology inside is completely alien; although most of the living spaces seem recognizable. There are sticky webs covering may of the walls. Gordo finds a sealed bulkhead door at the front of the ship – the door is covered webs.

After a few hours they are able to jury-rig some patches and pump atmosphere into some sections of the ship. This will allow them to crawl through a few access tubes and reach the front of the ship. Kade hacks into the computer and finds an extensive dossier on Tamara, the woman we are supposed to escort, in addition to extensive plans of her boarding school. Once they break through to the bridge they find ten bodies scattered many of them with wound. Void Spiders scatter for cover. None of them can be saved and those that are still living are put out of their misery. We turn off the distress beacon and mark the ship for salvage when we return with the wine.

We touch down on Verces. While Gordo is watching over the transfer of goods while Thundarr, Jack, Alpha, and Kade go to the boarding school to pick up Tamara. After working through the red tape the headmaster sends for Tamara. Gordo just got started off-loading the ore when a ship that looks like the derelict rockets through the atmosphere. When he sees the ship is heading to the boarding school he sends the dockworkers scattering and fires up the engines. Gordo lifts off with the ship and flies after the attacking ship.

When the attacking ship hovers over the school mercenaries jump down on the top of the school. We explain the situation to the headmaster and flee with Tamara. We get outside of the school and try and disappear in the city. As the Chimera comes overhead and engages with mercenary’s ship several police cruisers are destroyed. Eventually our ship is damaged, but local military arrive in atmospheric fighters and drive off the mercenaries. They escort our ship back to a military base for inspection.

On the ground two mercenaries run into the group fleeing with Tamara – Kade and Thundarr pull off and fight them allowing Jack and Alpha to get away with Tamara. We all manage to meet back up at the military camp and get checked out. The government levies a fine against our ship but allows us to eventually finish unloading and loading – then leave the planet with Tamara.

The trip to her homeworld will take over five days. The kidnapping attempt was probably do to her connections with the planetary royal family. The trip itself is uneventful except for the void spiders that hitch a ride into The Drift. When we finally arrive at Kesterval we get landing instructions to a small private landing pad. When we contact the number we can been given they tell us to keep the cargo secure until contacted again – there is a situation ongoing.

An hour later a harried man arrives to pick up Tamara. He tells her that she is now the heir after the death of her siblings just as her uncle is making a play for the throne. Her father has been sick for several years. Tamara decides to fight for her right to the throne. She offers to pay us if we will support her for the next couple of hours. She must reach the Royal Cathedral to solidify her claim and strengthen her hand against her uncle. We cannot get within twenty-five kilometers in a motorized vehicle.

The plan is to approach the cathedral from three different directions. Alpha and Thundarr is the first group with Alpha disguised as the princess. The second group is Gordo and Jack with Jack in disguise. Finally Kade sneaks out of the ship with Tamara.

Alpha and Thundarr notice they are being following by a pair of vehicles. We open the doors and fire into one of the vehicles. After Alpha kills the driver of the first chase vehicle, Thundarr leaps atop the other one. He cuts off the roof them explodes with his photonic energy – killing all of the occupants. After Thundarr gets back into the van and they head to the stables to meet with everyone else.

Gordo and Jack get to stable without incident.

Kade, Tamara, and the official notice a single vehicle coming up fast. It rams the back of their vehicle, causing the driver to lose control and roll side over side. Kade bails out and fires his sniper rifle killing the attacking driver. Several attackers climb out of the stopped vehicles and surround the van. Kade and Tamara draw pistols and force them to retreat to cover. The kidnappers charge the vehicle and manage to get inside. It is a fierce battle inside the van with both Kade and Tamara heavily injured – but the kidnappers dead. They take one of the attackers’ vehicles and drive to the stable.

At the stables we find lizard mounts waiting for us. We move forward through the trees and manage to see the ambush before they see us. Kade sneaks around and ambushes them. In the confusion Jack activates his holo-disguise and appears as Tamara running away. When the guards move to face Kada and others chase Jack. Thundarr tries to force his lizard to charge, but instead it dismounts him and runs off. Gordo finds where the guards have their mounts and scares them away. Into this general confusion Alpha stays well concealed firing laser blasts.

This gives Tamara the opening to push forward and race towards the Cathedral. Several of the outlaying attackers try to chase her down, but timely interventions by Kade and Alpha give her the opening to reach the safety of the chapel grounds. Once inside she declares herself and demands her uncle step aside. The church is a heavily militarized organization and once they support Princess Tamara the uncle is captured. He is executed for his part in killing the prince regent and his younger sister.

We gain the honorary title “Knights of Genalis” along with a generous payment towards the loan on our ship. In addition we are shielded from any docking fees or shipping taxes on this planet.

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