Azlanti v Hell Knights v Us

Gordo has been working on his investment broker certificate for a few weeks when he is brought into a potential windfall. Luckily for him he notices that some of his funds are being diverted into shell companies. He manages to catch and not only save his funds but transfer some additional funds into his account.

Jack and Hex go gambling for a few hours of downtime. Like most artificial forms Hex proves himself disastrous at bluffing although he can play the odds well enough to win a few hands. They are joined by Kade for some R&R at a nearby club.

Thundarr watches the laborers unload the ore from the Chimera and catches which truck Freyyarr’s survival chamber. he even catches when a pair of ysoki come up and slip the gnome out of the back and sneak him away. Thundarr follows him to a house in the slums of the spire. After a short bit of time he knocks on the door and pushes past the yoski madam that answers the door. Within seconds he finds a secret door and pulls the gnome out of hiding.

Before he can get the truth from the gnome a shadowy form coalesces in the corner. The demon tells him that the gnome is partially correct. A front organization called A&E Enterprises is working with the Space Pirates and Gypsies and have replaced the leader of the Hell Knights . They have been slowly replacing members of the Knights. When they are discovered it will cause a Civil War in the ranks and throw the Pact Worlds into chaos. Thundarr takes Freyyarr with him back to the ship. This plot must be stopped.

Kade, Hex, and Jack go to visit Hesmarca Larken and see if he has any information. After explaining the mess that we have got ourselves into he agrees to help us. He tells us that in time the hunt for Freyyarr will slip from the public conscious, but the bounty will still stand. We can expect trouble even if we manage to elude detection. The Starfinder Society has gathered some information on A&E Enterprises which he gives to Kade on a data chip. Once back on the ship Gordo spends a few hours sifting through the information. The most important information is the connection between A&E Enterprises and the Azlanti Star Empire

Instead of returning to the ship Jack heads towards the undermarket to make contact with the Romani. She runs into Celesti and sits down for a chat. After plying her with food and drinks she uncovers what has been happening. The Council has decided to throw in with the Azlanti Star Empire for their own survival. Not all of the Romani have gone along with the Council, but a majority has elected to follow the council. Jack is incensed that the gypsies have thrown in with any government. It is well known that the Pack Worlds are corrupt and too over-powering individuals, but it is the devil you know.

Kade spends a solid amount of coin and time in the bars making contacts with various starship captains. He does not believe that all of the Captains are working together, but enough of them have been willing to play both sides. The planet Cholma has been mentioned several times. It is a long abandoned pirate planet that is no longer in use by anybody. When Kade returns to the ship Gordo remembers the name of that planet referenced in the abandoned starships we recovered . It gives a good bit of information on where on the planet the Azlanti have set up a base.

We turn Freyyarr loose on Absalom Station where he will make contact with other journalists and spread his story. The intention is that he will provide a fertile groundwork for when we return with the Hell Knight Captain. With any hope we can head off this invasion and avoid a Civil War.

When we drop out of the Drift we are a short run to Cholma. While scanning the planet we are visited by the Shadow Demon again. He insists that we push on and recover the Captain. He helps us identify which of the three settlements that we identify contains the Captain. Kade takes the ship down and lands it inside the large cave located at the base of a waterfall. This will hide our ship from both visual and electronic detection.

Our plan if to follow the river until we reach the Azalanti outpost. Along the way we encounter a race of fish people swimming in the river. They surrounded us, but we allowed it as we knew of their approach. In the hopes of giving them a feeling of superiority and thus put them at ease. They would like to eat the humans, which Gordo knows because he speaks their language. When they discover one of the humans can speak the sacred tongue they are more receptive to us. In exchange for food equal to our mass they will guide us to their temple currently controlled by the Azlanti.

With the Fish-people guiding us we make good time to their temple. Along the way we encounter several cyborg created creatures acting like watchdogs for the Azlanti. One of them stumbles over our path and mauls Thundarr before it can be brought down. As we get closer to the temple Gordo bypasses several electronic sensor platforms. After hours of slow passage through the jungle we finally reach a point where we can see the temple for the first time.

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