Azlanti tunnel rats

We are staring down at the temple. From our vantage point we can see hidden caches and ships under camouflage netting. There are at least a dozen soldiers of the Azlanti Star Empire. Several people come running out of the ziggurat and most of them get into one of the two ships. The technicians pull the camouflage back and the ship rockets into space. As the techs move to prep the second ship, Gordo taps into the network and maps out the various cameras and sensor nets.

This allows Kade to slip down to the flats to clear a path through for the rest of us – possibly even score us some uniforms. Kade comes around a corner hearing two relaxed voices. He leaps around the corner and disrupts what is obvious a couple having a picnic. Thundarr is following about a hundred feet behind Kade to back him up. Eventually Thundarr see that Kade has worn the woman down enough that Thundarr is able to kill her with his knife. The man hurls a broken wine bottle at Kade and flees – Kade and Thundarr in pursuit. Gordo, Hex , and Jack move down to cut off the man’s escape. The fleeing technician stops in front of and tries to summon help only to be killed by Kade before anyone responds.

After disposing of the bodies we snatch their keycards and sneak towards a door Gordo located. Once we get inside it is clear the Azlanti have brought this area up to modern specification. Bright lights and clean plasteel walls have been installed. We locate a security guard station near the door, but nobody is currently posted. Instead we find them in the break room laughing about something (but we cannot understand because none of us speak Azlanti).

Gordo throws a grenade into the room as everyone charges in. None of the guards survive our assault, but when we exit the room a loud klaxon sounds along with some commands in Azlanti. With time pressing we move forward as quick as we can. We nearly round a corner into ambush, but manage to turn the ambush on our attackers. It still takes a great deal of time and effort to take down the armed security group. After the battle we need to find a blind-spot in their sensor net to hole up and catch our breath. While resting Gordo taps into their computer network and finds an area more heavily guarded where the sensor net is highly encrypted.

We would have been discovered, but Gordo plays merry havoc with the guard’s orders keeping out corridor clear. We slip out of our hiding place and run the best route towards the data blank area. We come across an emplaced gun manned by two soliders. Luckily Kade is able to avoid detection as he flips over the emplacement and attacks the soldiers. Unfortunately the gun is firing in automatic with an autoloader. Thundarr and Jack manage to gain cover within the blindspot, but Hex is caught out when the gun fires – forcing him to retreat to cover. After defeating the guards we disable the gun.

It is only a short run to the dead zone. The area changes from white walls to the original stone temple. A large steel door blocks our passage. We try each of the keycards that we have obtained, but have to tear out the electronics and hack our way into the room beyond. The room beyond is the large central room illuminated dimly by freestanding lights, large supporting columns rise into the darkness. We work our way through towards the doors on the far side of the room, with Kade leading the way.

Hex and Gordo stay along the back wall, but are forced to run forward when biomechanical serpents begin climbing out of the wall. Hex and Thundarr form a barrier stopping the snakes from getting past them to the others, while Kade and Jack keep them from getting around us. This frees up Gordo to hack his way through the doors into what appears to be a control room. The other doors have a barracks and corridor. The corridor has been at least partially rebuilt; atlhough it is still poorly lit.

The corridor ends against secure door. The keypass we got from the control room opens the door. Beyond is a large natural cavern with large sleep pods installed along the walls. Inside are three technicians moving a human on a floating conveyance. They are being protected by four heavily armed soldiers. It is beyond time for stealth as everyone hears the door open, so we attack. Kade pushes past the line of guards and engages the technicians.

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