Heroes of the City: Terra

After the battle to save Tayna Tyler, Shadowhawke arrives on the scene. He has some information regarding Hamidon Pasalima. If we can track down Dr. Vahzilok he has some information because the best we can come up with is a very weak lead to the Rogue Isles. Crimson Lights spends some time with Shadowhawke and Blayzwing hunting down to clues eventually leading to the Facemaker. We eventually find out that she is staying in Pocket D, a inter-dimensional club where heroes and villains can mingle.

Shadowhawke approaches The Facemaker personally while Crimson and Blayzwing wait near the dance floor. The Facemaker says that Dr. Vahzilok is currently at his retreat and is not to be disturbed. However, she is willing to cut a deal and tell him the location of this retreat. She only wants access to Shadowhawke’s body after he dies again. The “dies again” comment raises an eyebrow, but he agrees. Dr. Vahzilok is currently at his floating research laboratory near Peregrine island. It is a small freighter.

We we reach the ship we can see dozens of zombies moving around the deck. Blayzwing hovers overhear to draw them to him and then blows them all away. With some space cleared we hit the decks running. Clearing the bridge we proceed below decks. The zombies below decks don’t attack us, they are just wandering around. The cargo holds have been transformed into makeshift surgery pods littered with body parts. In the central surgery center we find Dr. Vahzilok outside of his “human suit” and thus vulnerable.

The good doctor tells us that Dr. Pasalima has retreated to The Hive for contemplation. It is clear that he respects and admires Dr. Vahzilok but feels that he has lost his way. Blayzwing flames up and hammers Dr. Vahzilok. Unfortunately upon falling over we discover this body was simple clockwork. We still send the parts to The Zig and leave the freighter. Before we reach the shore we get a call from Ginger Yates she tells us the Devouring Earth are attacking a fertility clinic in Talos Island.

The front door of the clinic has been smashed in. Shadowhawke bubbles us up as we charge in, encountering four creatures threatening some technicians. We hammer the rockmen and mushrooms, but a bunch of trees get away with boxes. The technicians give us a rundown of what they stole – they were all fertility drugs. We just get outside when Ginger Yates calls Blayzwing. Tayna Tyler has been kidnapped again by the Devouring Earth. The Devouring Earth are gathering in Eden and might have taken her there.

When we reach Eden we can see the trees marching towards a large termite-like mound. We blast a hole in the nearest ranks and then fight our way up the hill. Several of the trees have been taken from Soladyne farms which allows them to channel Blayzwing’s power back at him. We come across the spirit of Woodsman, a former hero who defends the wild spaces of the world. Shadowhawke is forced to shut down his mental powers from the overwhelming mind-thought of hundreds of creatures all thinking the same exact thing – “Eat, Breed, Change”

At the top of the hill we see a huge creature with bulging body and tentacles coming from its maw. Blayzwing hammers it with his energy powers knocking the creature from its perch. It launches acid spittle at us forcing us to scatter or be dissolved. Apart we battle this creature trying to reform some semblance of a battle plan. Even as individuals we manage to force her down, but at a cost. Crimson Lights’ powers run out of control and a huge snow storm forms over Eden, while Shadowhawke makes contact with a very alien mind which drives him nearly mad. The beast is finally is overcome and we send her to The Zig.

After we fail to find any entrance into The Hive we call Ginger Yates.. She tells us that the creature we sent to The Zig was actually Tayna Tyler who has been permanently changed by some horrific genetic manipulation. When she discovers that this creature was pregnant it becomes even more terrible. We are trying to get Ginger to authorize us into The Hive when all of our phones ring with a Priority 1 Red Alert in Atlas Park. We drop the mission and take the subway back to Atlas.

When we get off the subway a man in a trench coat flashes a red card at us. When we find out that there is not actual emergency we approach the man. Ernesto Hess claims that he has been working with the Council a group that has been trying to silently subvert the government of Paragon City. For the last few weeks he has been working with No Limits to infiltrate this group. He has discovered that Archon Burkholder has been gathering materials to build a giant robot somewhere in Striga Isle .

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