Heroes of the City: Grand Finale

Our intelligence indicates that Archon Burkholder is building his giant robot somewhere on Striga Isle, so Blayzwing , Crimson Lights , Shadowhawke , and Champion Z pay a smuggler to get us to the island as it is controlled by the Council and the Sky Raiders. After shaking down some thugs we find the name Dr. Faber who is an expert on robotics. She is currently being held by the Council at the Wolf’s Throat.

While investigation the Wolf’s Throat we uncover information about Mr. Hess that his story might not be fully on the straight and narrow. While gathering this information Champion Z is jumped by a force called Vortex Outerband that turn into werewolves. It is a short fight; although the werewolves were pretty tough. During the battle Crimson Light’s nuclear heart bursts, which highlights Shadowhawke and causes a spiderweb of stitches to appear on his skin. Shadowhawke says the Facemaker told him that he used to be a hero called Flyboy – but after his defeat he was remade into his current form.

In order to get deeper into the Wolf’s Throat we ambush a patrol and steal their uniforms. This, plus Shadowhawke’s lies and misdirections, get us deep within the complex. We eventually reach a room with metal coffins leaning up against the wall. When we enter room the coffins open and Vampyri step out. We just take down the first group when the coffins open again and more vampyri attack us. While Crimson Lights destroys the coffins everyone else battles the vampyri. It is a difficult battle as the vampyri hammer us with mental powers that cut through our defenses.

Champion Z tears open a large pressure door which leans into a mechanical lab. We find Dr. Faber chained to a desk surrounded by computers. She is standing next to several large monitors showing a huge metal linkage. She tells us that Archon Burkholder is crazy – in addition to a giant Zenith Mech Man she helped him with a giant arm as a replacement for his own. He even did the surgery himself. She offers a warning about Ernesto Hess that we are not to trust him. He was her last night and he is running his own game – for his own reward.

When we get Dr. Faber into the sun she begins to smoke and twist in pain. A large black lump drops off her back and rolls back towards the entrance into the Wolf’s Throat. When it finally gets back into the shadows it changes shape into something more jellyfish-like. Champion Z reaches out and makes mind contact with it. He says it calls itself a Nictus and comes from a galaxy far from here.

Before we say goodbye to Dr. Faber she tells us of an entrance that Burkholder used to reach the facility under Mt. Richardson where he was bulding the Mech Man. Thankfully the volcano has long been inert. After nearly thirty minutes we come to a large open office. Strangely enough all of the appliances are those that walked out of Blayzwing’s apartment. Another Blayzwing enters the room from the far door and uses some power that super-charges the appliances to life – they attack us. After we defeat the evil Blayzwing it is discovered that there was nothing inside the suit – it was only one of his spares that was stolen.

Through the door the evil Blayzwing entered through we go down the hallway and down a large gantry elevator. At the bottom two large doors open up revealing an enormous mechanical foot. Inside this large room is a robot over a hundred feet tall being built by dozens of smaller Mech men. Champion Z manages to sneak up a gantry nearly half of the distance from the top. Shadowhawke flies up and draws attention from many of the smaller mechs as he flies around the Zenith’s legs. This gives and opportunity for Blayzwing and Crimson Lights to move quickly up the gantry.

The smaller mechs are much better armed than other opponents we faced, causing tremendous collateral damage. Into the chaotic battle Archon Burkholder descends on a cable until he gets close to Crimson Lights. He grasps her with his steel claw and chokes her unconscious. Before he can whisk her away Blayzwing attacks him, forcing him to drop her. He makes a great catch and partially heals her. She teleports to safety allowing Blayzwing to re-engage into the battle. Bad luck for Crimson as a lead case snaps shut around her and drags her deep into the robot’s engines.

Shadowhawke and Champion Z hammer on the Zenith wing and smaller Mech Men giving Blayzwing the room to attack Burkholder 1-on-1. While Burkholder is posturing and closing to attack Blayzwing severs his cable dropping both of them towards the pool of lava. At the last second Blayzwing blows himself away causing only Archon Burkholder to fall in. The last we see of him is his steel arm as it melts. As everything begins collapsing Shadowhawke and Champion Z find Crimson Lights and everyone escapes.

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