Heroes of the City: Freak Olympics

Shadowhawke, Champion Z, Blayzwing, and Crimson Lights go to Skyway City to visit Pasalina Tech and speak with Mr. Kerner. When we arrive the doors are already smashed open and some Freakshow guards are in the lobby. Champion Z leads the way into the lobby. The two guards are no match for us. The lobby has already been cleaned out or something is wrong as not even a phone on the receptionist’s desk can be found. Most of the elevators have been disabled – the only one that works has only lower-level buttons, so we head to the bottom.

We we reach LL7 the door opens to a heavy steel door with only a single hand scanner for entry. Shadowhawke tries his hand which ends up working for some unknown reason. The door opens to a large garage with multiple roll-up doors. It appears that everything has been hastily cleaned out. Behind one of these doors we can hear some Freakshow. Blayzwing draws his power and blows open the door as we surprise them. There is a confusing battle as Freaks go up and down, some mindscape stuff, and other things happen. In the end we are victorious.

We find a list in the pockets of one of them listing very specific serial numbers. None of the numbers match any equipment that remains, which means that we must have missed someone. From the opposite side of the garage we hear a heavy lift freight elevator move upward. Champion Z rips open the doors and jumps up to grab the bottom of the elevator. Blayzwing and Shadowhawke, carrying Crimson Lights, fly up after him. As the freight elevator passes the lobby Champion Z tries to stops its progress, but destroys its emergency brakes. It would have come crashing down, but Crimson freezing it in place. While Blayzwing and Shadowhawke attempt to open the door, Champion Z manages to tear apart the floor of the elevator.

In the upper floor Champion Z discovers an entire room of giant-sized plants. As he makes his way along a path two large trees uproot themselves and attack him. He calls for help drawing Shadowhawke and Blayzwing, who can fly, to him. A fierce and confusing battle takes place where enemies are constantly throwing seed pods and bursting with thorns. In the end the plant creatures are kindling.

Crimson Lights continues down the hallway on the main level. Crimson Lights sees someone run by a crossing corridor in a blue shirt. She takes off after him, eventually freezing his feet in a block of ice. When she goes through he pockets she only finds a City of Gyros punch card. He also has a large tattoo on his chest that says “KER”. Beyond the door the man was trying to reach is a clean room with an ajoining locker room. Going through both rooms yields nothing useful.

When the battle is over Crimson Lights calls the rest of the team to the clean room to help her interrogate Kerner. After reviving him he appears to be not thinking straight. Blayzwing and Champion Z manage to convince Kerner that they want to join the Freak-Olympics. He gives us each a syringe to become “metalized.” Everyone else fakes it or uses a power to stop its effect, but Crimson Lights takes the shot. Once everyone is “incapacitated” Kerner instantly becomes “normal” and calls in other Freaks – awarding them each 200 points per captured hero.

Champion Z wakes up and pummels Kerner unconscious, eventually sending him to The Zig with specific instructions. Not long after that they bag up Crimson Lights on a medivac. Before the “cleaners” can pick up their prizes everyone remaining plays dead. They are surprised when 30 minutes later Dr. Vahzilok arrives. Shadowhawke immediately springs up and attacks. Blayzwing blows a hole in the ceiling, which the floor of the terrarium above. Mud and debris flow down blocking Dr. Vaz and his assistants from reaching them.

While Champion Z holds his ground he allows everyone else to flee. Dr. Vaz tries several times to hit them with his chain fist everyone manages to get away. Several hours later Crimson Lights finally awakens. Champion Z gets a call from the warden of The Zig that leads us to Corwyn Manufacturing where the Freaks plan to have their Olympic award ceremony. We plan to hit the place tonight allowing the more injured to rest and recover.

As we sneak in we are forced to come to grips with how things have changed in our lives. They include Blayzwing’s refrigerator, The Facemaker, robots, and Fusionette .

While the MC, Mista Static, is getting the crowd wound up everyone starts counting “Drek! Drek! Drek!”. Four large Freak Tanks step unto the stage. They will preform a “battle” with heroes (us) for the enjoyment of the crowd. Into the “fight” we realize that the Freak opponents are fakes and turn our attention to Mista Static instead. Just as we defeat Mista Static the curtain drops.

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