Heroes of the City: Devouring Earth

Blayzwing gets a call Ginger Yates, an ecologist studying the Devouring Earth, from someone that knows of his encounter at Pasalima Tech. While the plants that he sent to The Zig deteriorated rapidly several others must have escaped and they are now massing for unknown reasons. Several civilians and heroes have been grievously wounded and even a few killed. He contacts the rest of the Iron Wolves so Champion Z, Shadowhawke, Crimson Lights to meet him.

We go to Paragon Technical University. on Peregrine Island. There is a large hole in the parking lot, along with a car-sized hold in the wall into the campus buildings. The indications are that something broke in this way. We go through the whole and find four large devouring earth tearing up a lab. We stop them and nearly defeat them when they break up into smaller pieces of themselves and flee out into the parking lot and down the hole.

We are about to chase after them when a cry for help stops us. We find a lab technician had been buried under the rubble. After freeing him he tells us that several people were with these monsters when they arrived. The people did not stay long, but they used the lab to make some type of liquid chemical and then fled with it. We identify the group as Fauna First, a radical ecology activist group.

With a bit of investigation we track the group of Oaktree Stationers. Crimson Lights goes inside pretending to be a bridesmaid looking for samples for the upcoming bachlorette party. Once inside she hears screams for help from the back room. She rushes inside and finds three Devouring Earth kidnapping the women who worked in the store. She calls for Champion Z and Blayzwing – who bust inside and defeat the villains. The Devouring Earth did get away with several women so we enter the tunnel in pursuit.

We come across a group of 5, each one carrying a human captive. This group is significantly more prepared and turn to attack us instead of continuing to run. When the rock monsters break apart we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by over twenty smaller creatures. They nearly tear Blayzwing apart before Champion Z and Crimson Lights arrive to clear some space. Blayzwing goes nova and destroy all of them in a single blow. As the last one drops Crimson Lights clutches her chest and collapses. Fearing for her life, Champion Z activates her emergency medical teleport.

Champion Z goes to the hospital to check on their companion while Blayzwing continues down the tunnel. The captured members of Fauna First say that Tayna Tyler, their leader, was taken first. Blayzwing comes to there the tunnel lets out and finds graffiti on the walls praising Terra.

When Champion Z reaches the hospital he finds chaotic activity. Staff is running around and wheeling heroes. By the time he gets to her room Crimson Lights is already sitting up and being discharged. The doctors cannot giver her a full clean bill of health, but they don’t think she is a danger to herself or others at this moment. While checking out Champion Z fills her in on what happened next.

With clues tying Tayna to Terra we turn over our leads which points towards Crey’s Folly. We find a large tunnel carved into the ground and follow it until we reach a large open cavern. At the end we reach a large washbasin where an enormous creature attacks us. When Champion Z moves into fight this creature it slams its weapon into the ceiling causing a cave-in which separates Champion Z from the rest of us. We eventually scrabble over the rocks and rejoin the fight; although Champion Z is looking a bit worse for wear. It is a grindy battle, but we manage to wear the titan down as he crashes to the ground.

Tayna, from her hidden position, comes running up thanking us for saving her. She tells us of Hamidon Pasalima, a brilliant molecular biologist who created the sentient bacteria called “The Will of the Earth.” She does not know where he is currently, but she still loves him.

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