Rise of Tiamat: Chuth’s Lair

We go down to the waters edge to pursue the Chuth’s into his lair. The lake is deep, but along the shore it is walkable, Charles, Grim Greenangels , and Kaisanne go this route while Vaeren swims across the center. Once on the inside Charles goes in front due to his superior nightvision and ability to ferret out traps. As he looks around a corner the green dragon flies out of a pool barely on the edge of his sight. The great creature flies down the corridor breathes its poisonous gas on him and then turns turns and flies back into the pool.

Sounds and lights approach as several members of the Cult of the Dragon followed by a pair of ettin . Kassie casts a spell causing the ettins to fall into laughter. This opening allows the rest of us to take down most of the cultists, except for their leader who proves a tougher warrior. Just as one of the ettins regains his footing an elf steps from the darkness and fires arrows into Charles as he closes to the battle. Vaeren comes around and draws blades against the elf.

Grim slips around the outside of the laughing ettins and falls upon the backs of the remaining cultists, pinning them up against Charles. Kassie fires several spells into the single ettin that threw off the effects of her spell, weakening it enough that Grim finishes it off. With the dragon’s forces nearly wiped out the legendary monster makes its appearance. It again rises out of the underground lake of the far side of the center island and swoops down, breathing poisonous fumes in a cloud around us.

The battle is truly joined with Kassie, Charles, and Grim confronted the dragon with every weapon in hand. Spells and blades bite deep and burn the hide of the green dragon. It roars its challenge responding with deadly claws, teeth, and tail. Charles nearly succumbs during the battle, but as Grim’s god smites the dragon and Kassie’s fire scores wound after wound the dragon tries to flee. It flies over Charles and towards the exit, giving him one last chance to strike. As it flies directly over head Charles strikes deep into the dragon’s wounds killing it.

Vaeren is locked into a deadly battle with the elf, whose skill with both blade and magic is nearly his equal. As Vaeren begins to gain the upper hand the elf summons forth a poisonous cloud. Charles, who was trying to help Vaeren, falls prey to the poison and falls to the ground choking. Enraged by the possible death of his companion Vaeren presses his advantage killing the cloaked elf. The last ettin just breaks free from the spell when Grim strikes it dead.

With the battle finished and out enemies dispatched we throw off the hood from the elf. The resemblance to King Melandrach is unmistakable. It is so close that he must be some sort of very close relation. Although we need to bring this information to Galen there are still many twisting tunnels to explore before we have slain the last of the dragon’s grunts.

After a small break we head down the western path eventually reaching a large chamber where the ettins must lair. There are three ettins arguing among themselves if they should disobey the elf’s orders and see why Chuth’s chambers has gotten quiet. While the rest of us slip along the wall in the darkness Vaeren convinces them to fight among themselves. This allows us to easily reach a thick wooden door on the far side.

Inside the door are nearly a dozen elves that have been kept prisoner. Their clothing is tattered and a few of them have fresh wounds. They have been held hostage by Neronvaine , the elf that we killed in Chuth’s chamber. He is the son of King Melandrach and was banished from the Misty Forest decades ago. He captured them, but they don’t know for what purpose. A small shrine to the elven god Eldath has been built in the corner. Kassie makes an appropriate pouring of water and asks for the goddess’ blessing.

In order to get them out we draw the attention of the ettins, who have stopped arguing among themselves. After slaying a dragon the ettins prove to be no threat to our intrepid band.

With the elves safely outside of the caves we return to the southern tunnels. We reach a makeshift kitchen where a group cultists have barricaded themselves into a small storage room. When they try and pour pitch on the floor in front of us Kassie hits the barrel with a firebolt causing it to explode all over the cultists. Those cultists that don’t die from the flaming pitch are killed by us before they can mount any reasonable defense. After cleaning our weapons we push down last remaining tunnel.

After following a more well-traveled branch we come to an opulently decorated room. The walls are covered with tapestries with heavy furs on the floor. Gold candlesticks, fine bone china, and rich woods tastefully decorate this room. Before we enter we spot a powerful glyph of warding covering the entrance.

Vaeren finds a secret door behind one of the tapestries. Beyond the door is a shrine to Fenmarel Mestarine , the elven deity of outcasts. Along with a personal journal written by Neronvaine. He refers to his “poor” father and the painful end the weak fool will suffer. After reading through he says the Green Dragon Mask has already been sent on to Severin at the places:Well of Dragons. Severin needs all five dragon masks to make the Mask of the Dragon Queen.

The personal shrine room has another secret door. This small passage eventually opens into a large room. At one corner is a pool of water that probably connects to the larger pool in Chuth’s chamber and further on to the outside like. Chuth has stored his dragon’s horde in the room. We take as much of the treasure and magic that we can carry from this chamber.

We return to the town of Altand and bring Galen to justice for his crimes. With the body of Neronvaine we return to Daggerford to sell our dragon horde and rest until the next meeting of the Council of Waterdeep.

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