ODAM: The Module

Jerry, Nikki, Benjamin, and Billy are fresh agents from DCMA. We meet with our handler, Agent Masters, who outlines that a man, Peter Koslov, was killed by a dog in Norfolk, VA. The police report was vague and witnesses gave conflicting accounts which drew the attention of the DCMA. We arrive at the street corner where he was killed. While Jerry wanders the others enter the dream state. They discover a large dark blot on the ground that growls and snarls when they approach. It spreads and slides about the area as the like thin tar, the growling and snarling grows in volume, but seems to never be located.


Hoping to speak with the kids that witnessed the attack we drive to the nearby school. While Jerry and Nikki are speaking to the school counselor, Benjamin and Billy circulate among the kids. Benjamin spends his time speaking with the nerds about a new computer programming he is working on, while Billy follows a group of girls leaving the school.

Billy summons a small puppy from the dream world and uses it to draw the favorable attention of the girls. They tell him that Peter had a girlfriend, Abby, and they broke up just days before the attack. Abby hooked up instead with a boy named James. When he tries to find out information about the attack itself their recollection is fuzzy and unclear. The Doubt smooths over what they saw with what they can understand.

Benjamin is speaking with the nerds. After breaking the ice showing him a multiplayer phone game he is working on he gets them to talk about Peter. They remember that Peter would often pick on James. James was a strange kid – the type that would draw disturbing pictures in his notebook and wear goth-like clothes. He was not a school-shooter type – he was far more cowardly. They kind of kid that thought tough things, but would never actually do anything.

Nikki and Jerry speak with the school counselor. Peter was the typical football jock. He would taunt the mathletes, chess club,  nerds, and other intellectually gifted students. There was a fight between Peter and James after school a few days before the accident, but neither of the boys would discuss it.

Everyone gets back together in front of the office and go to leave the school. As we pass by the boys’ locker room we get a dark and foreboding session. Billy goes inside and finds Peter’s locker is the source. Inside the locker aside from books and football jersey is a torn picture of Peter and Abigail. On the back is written “Peter + Abby XOXO”

Psychiatric Hospital

We stop in the hospital and speak with Dr. Chen who is overseeing the care of Abigail. She was admitted two days prior to the incident. Dr. Chen will not release any medical information to us, but will allow us to speak with her. We meet with her in the rec room along with an orderly. She looks like a girl that has not slept i weeks, she is a hollow and tormented shell of someone haunted by demons.

She was attacked by a large shadowy dog, but nobody will believe her. She was warned by James a day before the attack. He claimed that one of his drawings came to like – a fearsome demon. The demon wanted to harm everyone around him. She does not know what happened to James, but she has been told about what happened to Peter. Nikki touches her and begins to dreamwalk.

Before we get any answers a shadowy dog-like creatures breaks through the window – it has come for Abigail. We move to defend the child, but Billy so disrupted things that his “created” puppy tears itself apart becoming a reaper. As the staff stands in a stupor we charge into action. The two violent hounds are no match for our team, both are dispatched with ease.

As the hounds wisp away The Doubt begins to reassert its control. The staff admonish Abigail for breaking the window and causing such a disruption. They take her back to her room and strap her down, but will allow us to continue our questions. Billy finds a unopened envelope from the Baker family – he pockets it for further study. Although the card is pretty standard Get-Well-Soon, the address for the Bakers leads us further afield.

Baker Residence

We arrive at the Baker residence to find James on his front-page sketching in his book. His look is somewhat trendy, but his haggard expression speaks of many nights without sleep. Billy jumps out of the car and goes to speak with James. James warns Billy to stay away, that bad things happen to those around him, but Billy is persistent. Eventually he convinces him that his dreams are real and are hurting people. He knows people that can help him, but he will have to trust them.

With all of us in James’ room he goes to sleep and begins to dream. Nikki holds his hand while he falls asleep guiding us into his nightmare.


We find ourselves in a large cavern dominated by a large demon wielding a flaming sword. Ourselves in the dream state take on the forms of angels. James’ life hangs in the balance, we know it will not be free of this darkness unless he strikes the killing blow. As angels we rush forward into combat and the demon is destroyed in quick order, with James providing the killing blow.

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