Wing and a Prayer, Part 2

Axel vonStumpwasser, Shuk, Kurgan, and Jenesta vonStumpwasser arrive back at the League of Thaumaturgical Studies where Celendi Stonesmith as once again “repaired” the portal in an effort to send Chuhotl home. As we say our farewells Celendi activates the portal and immediately recognizes a problem. The portal opens correctly, but begins to draw in everything that is near it. Chuhotl and us are drug through the portal before Celendi and shut the portal down. As we land in the green lands of Chuhotl’s people the portal closes, disappears, and strands us.

Chuhotl invites us to spend time with his village until the city folk can repair the portal and return us home. Before we can reach the village we hear the sound of battle and rush to investigate. We reach Chuhotl’s village to find it under attack by a pack of hyenas. We charge forward to save them under the blessings of Brianna, but before we can reach the villagers we get bogged down under a group of rushing hyenas. Kurgan and Jenesta summon animals and elementals to aid our battle, giving Shuk and Axel and opening to move forward. As the tide of battle turns a man in a long hyena cloak steps out from behind a building. He summons a ghostly weapon to strike at Heinrich, Jenesta’s wolf companion.

The arrival of the cloaked man does not change the battle and soon he is hard-pressed as only three of his hyenas still live. He sacrifices himself to his strange god as dark energy flows over everyone in the battle wounding us. Chuhotl screams in victory and takes us to see the village elder. He thanks us for helping his people, but unfortunately he cannot help send us home. If we are willing to undertake the challenges of Ska’re then it is possible their god may send us home. When we agree to the challenges the village throws a great feast in our honor. The next morning we prepare ourselves for the challenges, saying goodbyes to Chuhotl.

We press through the dense jungle following the trail indicted by the elders. After several hours we we come to a clearing where an Amthydor wagon is overturned. The wagon is half loaded with bananas. A note is secured to the driver’s seat written in common. “I have gone to get a new wheel be back before sundown.” The problem is that the bananas will rot in the sun before he returns, so we endeavor to help get the wagon into the shade. Shuk lifts the wagon axel while a horse summoned by Jenesta pulls the wagon. We nearly reach the shade before the summoned horse fails. In the brush we find the broken wheel. Jenesta mends the wheel which helps us move the wagon into the shade.

After eating a few bananas we continue our journey. The forest gives way to a grassy plain. We come across a large pride of lions. Jenesta steps forward and befriends the creatures, who allow us to pass without incidence. The trail winds its way around a dense low-lying forest. The path in front of us is blocked by a surly bear. The forest is far too dense to pass through. Axel casts Fly upon himself and shuttles each of his friends over the bear. We can see the village ahead, but between us runs a raging river. With faith we step into the water, crossing safely to the other bank. We reach the village where a feast is held in our honor.

The next morning Chuhotl presents us his scimitar in honor of our victory over the challenges. The portal opens, praise to Ska’re, and we can go home.

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