Stolen Glances and Echoes of Long Ago

Random attacks have plagued the city and when the Diamond Legion shows up or lays in wait they are severely beaten – including three deaths. In the early morning a young woman knocks on the door of the apartment rented by Axel vonStumpwasser, and Jenesta vonStumpwasser. She has been severely beaten by two men when the Diamond Watch came to assist her. One of them pointed a stick at her and then she was struck blind. She was sent by Darius, priestess of Emerys, to seek our aid. We get Shuk and Kurgan and meet up at the temple.

Priests who have sought to aid the Diamond Legion have been killed, raised from the dead, and then sent back into their temple to wreck havoc. Several of the temples and the Society of Entertainers and Performers have raised funds to hire adventurers. We are not the only group being sent forth, so we might want to seek information from among the others. Several incidents have occurred recently that have the city in a turmoil. A recent gathering of the Quorum of Faith resulted in the first election being voided when Priestess Jade of the Temple of Dymora and a second election resulting in a “proper” election. In addition a large group of elves from Mistwood have come to the city to retrieve a book that was left in the care of the city’s leaders.

Mitch Erikas, Juniper Harquith, and the Proprietress of the Jade Palace have recently been attacked – struck both blind and deafened. In addition Brother Jessup , Brother Iliana , and Brother Nyrila have suffered beatings. We should speak to each of them as they are the most recent attacks on the city.

We go to speak with the Mistress of them Gilded Cage to speak with Nileena Quinn. She tells us that the beatings are now numbering in the hundreds. Each time the Diamond Watch responds to the attack a large group of thugs jump out from hiding and attack them. These thugs have left them not just savagely beaten, but have severed limbs from the ranking sergeants. The Watch has aggressively been shaking down the downtrodden and suspicious.

We head out to the Jade Palace to speak with the owner. We come across the two halfling girls that have been beaten lying next to the men members of the Diamond Watch. Kurgan channels the strength of his god and heals each of them. Unfortunately he cannot heal that all of their fingers and toes have been severed. The men of the watch heard “Down with the Legion!” and “We are getting what we deserve!” The man in charge used a flaming sword to attack them before the blacked out from the pain. We blow the whistle of the Diamond Watch to summon help. After the Watch takes their fellows with them we question the girls.

We reach the Jade Palace and it is closed due to a “Family Illness.” Although we make several attempts to elicit a response the people inside just watch us. When they recognize Shuk and Karagan as the Jade Spirit Guardians they let us inside. The owners were attacked by two men and when his wife came to help him a woman with red hair stepped from a hidden place she raised a wand and struck his wife. When the Diamond Watch responded they were attacked by more men. The men were wielding spiked chains.

Kurgan suggests that we go to the Temple of Galvandt to see what happened with the death of Brother Jessup. He was killed in a battle with two elementals just outside of the temple, then animated to attack the temple. The followers of Galvandt have been shaken by this incident and have become to waver. Two guards of the Diamond Watch are recovering at the temple. Their attack was far more viscous than the others. A woman in robes along with some thugs attacked a patrol. They overcome the men, tied back to back, covered in oil, and set alight with a Burning Hands spell. There was a silence spell around the men so that nobody could hear the men scream.

We go to the Temple of Peliron to speak with the priests about the attack. The temple currently holds the chairmanship of the Quorum of Faith. We speak to the priest that was with Brother Iliana when they saw Mitch Erikas was attacked. He knows that there was a silence spell on the area of the attack. When they intervened several other men jumped from hidden positions and struck us. He was struck unconscious and did not come around until Brother Iliana was already animated and attacking the temple.

We travel to the Shrine of Eliana to see if we can gather any clues. They have just joined the Quorum of Faith at the last gathering. Brother Nyrila was killed by the Finger of Death spell before he was reanimated and sent to wreck the temple. It is possible that the attackers were inside of a Silence spell as well.

We head towards to Temple of Dymora to speak with the priestess. We come across a mob of people beating an elven men in tattered clothes. We drive the mob off before the kill him. He was shielding his unconscious mother. We send them on our way and return to our mission. Before we reach the temple we are attacked by a three monks in robes. They nearly fight to the last, but Kurgan channels the strength of his god to save them. In questioning they have been driven out of their temple they are simply doing this for money. The leaders are trying to whip up Chaos and Fear in the city by targeting members of the Quorum of Faith. Any Diamond Watch member must be brutalized, but CANNOT be killed.

The mercenaries told us their leader has a hidden base in the sewers. They bargained for their life giving us the secret to bypass the various traps. We stand outside the door preparing ourselves for battle. We charge inside and find images projected into the room. It shows officers of the Diamond Watch being killed in horrific ways – burned in acid, flayed alive, and consumed by demons. As the images fade a portcullis on the far side of the room opens and more henchmen charge us. We dispatch them, although one of them manage to get away. We do manage to take a prisoner. The prisoner confirms our information that that a small group is sowing chaos and fear throughout the city.

Jalinor the Just gives us an audience where he praises our actions and heaps rewards upon us.

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