Fists of Fury

After the harrowing deaths of the previous day Shuk, Kurgan, Jenesta vonStumpwasser, and Axel vonStumpwasser are relaxing in Shuk’s apartment where there is a knock on the door. A young boy who has been severely beaten is at the door. His aunt, people:Eloise Kyle, sent him to fetch the adventurers that fought the killers in the streets – she is a sergeant of the Diamond Watch who now rests in the arms of Peliron. The boy takes us to see his aunt, who is waiting for us at the headquarters of the Diamond Watch. The Diamond Watch recruits us to root out and destroy the remaining individuals. We have to either stop them or gather information about the shadowy leaders of these attacks.

Her name, along with High Lady Mour, Mistress Jade, Jalinor the Just, High Lady Seabury, Sophia Grimm, Gillian Grimm, Melton Daedderhoff, and one of Stella, Tristan, or Drahl Bailey appear on a list of future victims that we recovered from Stolen Glances and Echoes of Long Ago . In addition to those we knew about Sister Yneera Dargle of the Shrine of Sorena, Sister Altwina from the Temple of Destine, Sister Morella Belascio of the Temple of Meneon, Brother Ilman Hawthorn of the Temple of Glissande, and Brother Tholwood Myras of the Temple of Lucor have been victimized.

We go to the Society of Entertainers and Performers to see if we can help with their investigation as well. We speak to Cinnamon, a beautiful woman of high rank in the society. They are investigating several businesses being sold under dubious circumstances. They are loathe to share information as we could be working for the attackers as well. It is clear that the society is currently beset with as much fear as the rest of the city. She does wish us good luck on helping this city.

From the society we visit the Adventurers’ Guild only to discover it was attacked by a score of thugs. Nearly thirty adventurers were killed and their souls were stolen. Another fifty men and women were wounded. The wounded were killed with fire, cold, acid, lightning, as well as various sword and knife wounds. This was only a distraction that allowed them to attack Melton Daedderhoff , who was nearly killed. The Diamond Watch will not allow us to speak with Melton as his injuries are far to life-threatening.

Frustrated we head to a tavern to plot out our next moves. On the way we come across a strange sight. Two warriors are swinging at the air wildly. We can see that someone as struck them several times in the face with a blade. They cannot see as their eyes have been damaged. We try to calm them, but their pain has driven them into a near beserking rage. Axel is heavily wounded as he tries to bear one of them down. It is a difficult struggle but we manage to knock them unconscious. Upon questioning them we discover that they were also involved in helping uncover the danger to the city. They were jumped by several men in an alley. Their eyes were cut out and burning poison dumped into the sockets.

We escort the women to the Shrine of Sorena where we discover two others that have their eyes plucked out. One of them is a guard that was responding to the cries of help from Lady Seabury. She was being beaten by two large musclar women. They overpowered him then pinned him down and cut our his eyes. The women laughed as they left him blind and Lady Seabury near death.

With far too little clues we go to visit the Temple of Destine where we meet an acolyte. We arrive too late as Sister Altwina has already been killed and her attacker removed her hand. The clerics are far too busy to aid us as there are dozens of wounded in the temple from these latest attacks.

With no help we proceed to the Temple of Meneon. Before we can reach the relative “safety” of the temple we are jumped by a three barbarians in chain mail. We are nearly killed, but eventually win in the end. Unfortunately, Robyn, our hired ranger was not so lucky. He was killed just before his attacker surrendered. We interrogate the woman and discover they call themselves the Sewer Rats. With a bit more interrogation we find out exactly where the base is located in the sewers. Although the Diamond Watch shows up to take control of the situation they don’t have enough men to lend us a hand. We call upon the blessings of Brianna and leave in a far better shape.

We trudge through some of the deepest sections of the sewage – trudging through waist-deep sludge to reach the higher ground. Shuk sneaks ahead and spies two well armored men guarding a door. With a plan we prepare ourselves. Shuk disarms Axel and takes him forward as his “prisoner.” We try to bluff our way past them but they won’t let us through without Axel manacled and Shuk without his weapons. With this knowledge we surprise them by attacking. Although caught unawares with a Silence spell case by Kurgan we dispath them silently.

With a brief moment to prepare ourselves we enter the large room beyond. The room is empty of people; although there are three chairs on a raised platform and benches enough for at least 60 people. A man comes out of a side room and stands before the chairs on the platform facing us. He calls us infantile children and taunts us – we naturally attack. He laughs and walks back through the side door allowing three minions of his to charge through. It is a fierce battle as we are hard pressed by the barbarians. Several of them shout death calls to Krave before they fall.

When we pull back the curtain it reveals three hostages bound – including Sergeant Kyle. We rescue them and return to Diamond Legion HQ. We are thanked by the Diamond Watch, specifically High Warrior Bran. In addition when Sergeant Kyle steps beyond her desk she turns into Captain Vestra. It was Captain Vestra that hired us. The Captain has been in hiding after being attacked by lycanthropes.


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