Beguiling Isn’t It

Axel vonStumpwasser, Shuk, Jenestra vonStumpwasser, and Kurgan are relaxing at home, one again, when there is a scratching at the door. We open it up and find a well-penned invitation from Cinnamon at the Society of Entertainers and Providers. We arrive at the society and speak with her. She informs us that the savage attacks continue to affect the city. She believes that the loss of businesses and property is what is fueling these attacks. Many dubious transactions have resulted in large sums of money shifting around. These economic crimes have have fallen under the radar of the authorities, but she believes something interesting is happening.

Following on one of her leads go and visit the Dauntless Dolphin. After having been bought out it is now called the Silver Shackle. We meet with Talgon the man who recently purchased the Inn. He met with Belitor Dugan, the previous owner, at the Office of Land and Buildings and purchased the deed to the inn immediately. He believes that Belitor has since left town. It is all very strange, but also very legal. The employees of the Dauntless Dolphin objected, but Talgon summoned the Diamond Watch to remove them. The watch verified that the paperwork all looked legal and removed the employees until things settled down.

We journey to the Office of Land and Buildings and examine the paperwork. All of the papers appear legitimate, but we noticed that each of them were witnessed by Bartra Zimmlin. We ask about him and discover that he is an elf that has newly joined this office. He is currently out with a client currently, but the staff is willing to give us his address so that we can call on him there.

The address takes us to the Silver Swan where we are met by a snooty doorman. He demands that we leave as we clearly do not belong in this establishment. Eventually we bluff our way past the doorman and get a chance for a private meeting with Mr. Zimmlin in a small sitting room. Mr. Zimmlin arrives promptly with a young aid. We try to corner him about the irregularities of the transactions, but he deflects and defends his good name. He even threatens to call the Diamond Watch when the conversation becomes more confrontational.

Shuk and Kurgan finally leans into him and the elf breaks. He recently joined the Office of Land and Buildings and was contacted by John Smith. The man provided him with forgeries so good they withstood even magical detection could not tell the difference. He is willing to turn himself in to the Diamond Watch. He did this because he believes the war with the elves has gone on far too long and cost both sides far too much. If the city of Amthydor was wracked by internal struggle it could no longer maintain the war. He was so wracked with guild that he donated all of the ill-gotten gains from these sales to the temples for care of the wounded and families of the dead.

We arrive at Diamond Legion HQ and speak to Sergeant Eloise Kyle. We turn over Mr. Zimmlin to the Diamond Watch.

We return to the newly minted Silver Shackle and speak again with Talgon. We tell him of the fraud involved and ask for any information that he has about the sale. His cooperation in the matter would go a long way to clearing his name and seeing to the return of any funds that are recovered. We get the name of the trooper that he called, but when we ask around we find out their patrol was ambushed by robed people. After dealing with the guards they turned one the employees with wands. They turned the employees into animals and caged them. Passerbys tell us that the robed people said that soon this would be happening to them as well.

There is a nearby zoo, so we go to investigate. On the way we are beset by three warriors and a robed man clutching a wand. After the wizard drops a fireball onthe group Kurgan steps forward and channels the strength of Galvandt restoring much of what was lost. To stop the wizard from slamming us with another fireball we close with the mercenaries. A fast exchange of blows drops both Kurgan and Shuk. Jenestra’s animal companion and summoned animals begin to turn the tide of battle as Robyn keeps the wizard under fire from his precision archery. Axel draws their attacking letting his boon companions rise to their feet. With a second wind we push forward and kill two of them. When Robyn kills the wizard the last of the mercenaries surrenders.

After we turn the surrendered warrior over to the Diamond Watch we act on her information and head to their secret headquarters at the dock. A quick investigation of the building leaves us little possible entrances except the front door. We prepare our spells and go inside. The warehouse is empty, but a concealed trapdoor leads to a hidden chamber under the building. With caution we descend the stairs. In the room below are four veteran warriors and a wizard. Once again we prepare ourselves as the wizard’s fireball hammers us as the barbarians charge and pin us up against the corner. From the corner we hold the line as Robyn and Jenesta kill the wizard before he can get off another spell. With the pressure relieved we can begin to push out from the wall. Concentrating on a single opponent at a time we kill two of the mercenaries. The third tries to escape but Jenesta stops him from fleeing.


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