Rise of Tiamat: The yuan-ti priestess slain

Three yuan-ti purebloods step from shadowed areas of the closest statues. Grim Greenangels falls under their suggestion and begins dancing a jig in the center of the temple. Vaeren slides into the room and peppers the yuan-ti halfbloods moving forward. Kaisanne throws blazing rods of scorching fire over Charles’ shoulder as he runs forward to secure their left flank. The battle begins to turn in our favor until the yuan-ti abomination enters the fray.

The abomination wraps up Charles just as he kills the last of the halfbloods. When Kaisanne moves to aid him she is struck by a fear and driven to run away. Vaeren is pushed back into the corner and switches to his belaying pin and scimitar. Although he is wrapped up by an increasing number of coils Charles continues to lash out, but the result is a foregone conclusion. When Kaisanne finally shakes off the fear she returns only to see Charles fall. She blazes scorching rays across the room, killing the last of the yuan-ti fighting Vaeren. Vaeren charges forward and kills the abomination while Kaisanne heals Charles before he dies.

One of the yuan-ti halfblood is still alive. When we bring him around he declares his servitude to us. He shows us a secret exit as well as the priestess’ personal quarters. We raid their temple for coin, finding a pair of divine scrolls and her “lightning blade”. Vaeren attunes himself to the blade gaining a measure of power. Vaeren decides to keep the yuan-ti as his man-servant. He pays Mera some of the coin and decides to continue her training for the foreseeable future.

We drag Varram into one of the alcoves. Kaisanne and Charles dress in the purple robes of the of the Cult of the Dragon and tries to convince him that we have been sent by the cult to rescue him. He easily sees through the ruse as all of his dedicated followers have been killed and Severin is currently in the Well of Dragons with the White Dragon Mask. Severin would kill him rather than rescue a rival. Kaisanne steps outside allowing Charles to torture the cultist for information.

With the information in hand we return Varram to Waterdeep to face justice. Although he knows that one day he will be killed it is very unlikely the moral authority of the city will torture him in the same manner as the Cult of the Dragon. Returning to the city is not a heroes welcome, but we are able to reach out to those who have supported us and get a measure of what has transpired since we left.

Vaeren speaks with Delaan Winterhound and presents to her the priestess’ servant that he has taken into service. She is pleased that he has seen the fairness in sparing the life of the yuan-ti who now serves him. The measure of a man is how he treats others, including those he one thought of as his enemy.

Charles makes arrangements with speak with Rian Nightshade who is staying as a special advisor “guest” of Dagult Neverember. Upon receiving an invitation to visit the Neverember estate, Charles puts on his finery and goes to verbally spar with Rian. Their conversation takes place in the secluded gardens of the estate. In addition to the information learned about the White Dragon Mask, Charles spent nearly a fifth of his own personal treasure to strengthen the most likely gang in the tent city around Boareskyr Bridge. The man’s name was Clarence and he would appreciate it if Rian would send some work to his gang – at least test their mettle. She agrees to aid him.

As a group we have lunch the following day with Dalla Silmerhelve . She implores us to seek out Maccath the Red, a tiefling sorceress. There is nobody that knows more about the Draakhorn than her. She was last seen in the north while researching the Sea of Moving Ice. All attempts to scry or find her by any method has failed. They were able to scry for the ship, but it was adrift with nobody on board. That was over three years ago and no trace of Maccath has ever been found during that time.

The council has arranged passage aboard the Frost Skimmer under Captain Lerusth Half-face. A well-seasoned captain who has made many runs into the Sea of Moving Ice.

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