Rise of Tiamat: Misty Forest

Vaeren, Grim Greenangels , Charles , and Kaisanne arrive in Daggerford, a middling-sized town on the Shining River to gather supplies and information on the best route to the Misty Forest . We are to seek out the village of Altand, which has been raided multiple times in the past year. We reach a village to find that there is nothing left of it. It is pretty obvious that it was attacked by a green dragon . Less than a dozen survivors fled to the north. While sweeping the village for what clues remain we are surrounded by an elven patrol. We inform them that we have been sent by King Melandrach and Delaan Winterhound to investigate the dragon attacks.

There is an animated discussion between the elves, eventually most of the patrol leaves leaving behind one huntsmen. He is a member of the Emerald Enclave and agrees to escort us to Altand. When we reach the village it once was a beautiful and thriving village, but the constant attacks have greatly reduced their numbers. Homes are built no just along the forest ground, but sweeping homes built among the trees some of them reaching into the bough. Our guide tells us that Galen currently leads the village after the death of the priest.

Like the elven patrol, Galen is rather short with us and at first provides us with only the most cursory information. The dragon has attacked several times each time accompanied by members of the Cult of the Dragon . In addition on the last attack one of the members was riding on the back of the dragon. We stay the night in the village, allowing time for Vaeren and Grim to uncover more clues.

Vaeren is watching over the village when he spies Galen leaving the village with a bird. He tells Grim that he is going to follow Galen, giving Grim time to search Galen’s home. Grim finds little of note except for an letter, written in elven, secured under this desk. Grim cannot read elven, but he takes the message and sneaks out of the home. Vaeren is tracking Galen, but loses him in the darkness. He comes into a large clearing where he loses Galen’s tracks, but the clearing has several recent dragon tracks. It would appear that Galen has been speaking with the dragon. The letter, which Kassie can read, was written by Galen to his recently killed wife. He tells her that he has gotten over his head – he only wanted to help everyone and everything has turned to ash.

In the morning we head out to the north following the last known location of the dragon. After a few hours we hear the sounds of help and rush forward to discover a venerable elven woman trapped under a tree. We are wary this could be an ambush, but we help lift the tree enough allow her to escape. Instead the nearby trees begin to bend and stand upright once more. She thanks us for the assistance; although it clearly was not necessary. She is a protector of the forest and tests all of those that enter her domain. She is pleased that even in these dark times there are those willing to help the helpless. She gifts each of us with a token of her protection, Grim is the only one that refuses to accept her aid.

After she turns into an owl and flies away we continue our journey north. It is nearly an hour when we come across some dead trees heavily covered in spider web. The webs are so thick that they are choking out the undergrowth. Grim, pulsing with vigor, charges forward into what we believe to be their lair. He does not get too far from the rest of us when he becomes entangled in the webs. His struggles draw the attention of the nearby giant spiders and several ettercaps. Grim dances among his enemies providing plenty of opportunity for the rest of us to hit them with spells and arrows.

We push forward through the dark webbed forest as fast as we can move. We eventually come to large depression with several feet of water at the bottom. At the very edge of Charles’ vision he can see a cave entrance. Before we can react a green dragon flies out of the cave, breathes poisonous gas over us, and then flies back into the cave. So quick is the attack that only Charles’ gets a chance to strike back.

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