Rise of Tiamat: Luskan

In the Frost Skimmer we reach the harbor of Luskan and reunite Maccath with the Arcane Brotherhood. During the journey we learn more of the Draakhorn but it is likely the Brotherhood has more information. The difficulty is that the members are loathe to tell anyone their secrets or share their knowledge. Even rescuing one of their number is unlikely to pry out the information we need. We refuse to return to Waterdeep empty handed.

Grim Greenangels challenges Thunderfoot, the current reigning pit champion for a sizable purse. Grim quickly realizes that he outclasses his opponent and instead plays for the crowd. His defense is nearly perfect taking only a few slight hits compared to the punishment he delivers. It is a fantastic battle for those in the arena as Grim, who was once the champion of the pit reclaims his glory and a hefty prize.

Charles meets up with Barric for a few drinks. After swapping lies and old stories he twigs Charles into a few suspicious Thayans staying at a rundown inn across the river. For what the Thayans have done to Eltab Charles vows vengeance. At the inn he finds one of them sitting at a table drinking. After a few choice insulting words the fight is on. After finding himself outclassed by Charles the Thayan tries to flee outside, but Charles dives out a window and kills him. Unfortunately this gives his companion a chance to rain a fireball down on the street. Burned, Charles climbs up the side of the inn and drags the wizard into the street. The fight is brief with the Thayan taking his own life rather than being killed by Charles. On the downside the inn is burning an although Charles tries to save people he ends up being rescued by other volunteers when he collapses inside.

Kaisanne visits the Harpers to gain information on what is happening in the city. A short and mousy girl named Gencayan is the Harper representative in the city. She went to an inn called the Boar’s Haunch along with her lover and his friend. Cassie and the friend really hit it off and spent the next two days carousing together.

Vaeren, Mera, and Fangz take the larger bounty from the dragon horde to sell in the market. He manages to get a good price returning with a pouch full of gold. Well such wealth is bound to attract attention and it is not long before he is being followed by two men. He is not ready when they launch their attack, but he recovers quick enough to down one of the men. The other one, knowing that he cannot stand against him, kills his fallen companion and then takes some poison to keep himself from being taken prisoner. His last words are “Others shall come in my place, you are marked for death.” Vaeren checks the body and discovers a dragon tattoo on their left arms.

The next morning we go and meet with the Arcane Brotherhood. They begin out meeting with a long and drawn out speech thanking us for saving Maccath the Crimson and returning so many books and scrolls to their library. Some of the works were stolen from them years ago, but most of it is new. They have been quietly tracking several undercover members of the Cult of the Dragon who have been in contact with a pair of Thayans in town. They are not very pleased that both the Thayans and the Cult members were killed.

A man calling himself Bichedic approaches Charles and offers to back him in the arena if he will challenge an upstart halfling that beat the current champion. Charles goes to the arena, along with many other fighters. Grim selects an ogre and axeman as his first opponents, dispatching them quickly. The next two opponents last just a few seconds longer. Filled with confidence he calls everyone else in the arena at once, Charles included. Charles wraps himself in a field of darkness while the others engage him in melee combat. The darkness brings boos from the crowd, but Charles cares little for their entertainment. In short time nobody remains but one bloodied swordsman, Grim, and Charles – who has his his darkness field dissipated by a bystander.

With only Charles and Grim remaining the real battle can being. Lucky for Charles, Grim was already greatly wounded, so the battle was already decided. Grim gets in two strong hits with the power of his gods behind his sword – but Charles’ whirling glaive of death drops him to the ground. Charles does not get the winning purse because his use of magic was considered “poor sportsmanship.” It does not bother him so he takes Grim to a brothel for the evening.

With the morning tide the Frost Skimmer leaves for Waterdeep. We arrive a day before the next great meeting of the council. Following rumors we find out that Dagult Neverember has been replaced by Laerel Silverhand as the head of the council. Someone we don’t know called Elia has taken a position on the council in our absence. The council is divided on the outcome of Varram with most expressing frustration at us leaving him alive. The dwarves strongly suggest their support hinges on the council turning him over to them for trial. The Harpers work heavily to keep the council from fracturing. In our favor most, except Ontharr Frume , are very pleased that the Arcane Brotherhood is strongly considering joining the council.

Delaan Winterhound and King Melandrach are having a semi-private conversation when Charles, Vaeren, and Cassie round the corner. Clearly she is trying to corner the elven king on rumors that she has heard of problems in the Misty Forest. The king pushes off all of her inquiries and using our approach tries to exit the conversation. Before he can leave Cassie manages to attract his attention and speaks to him privately. She promises discretion to help with any problems. He agrees as long as discretion is absolute.

Elia approaches Grim and tells him that she bears a letter from the Council of Metallic Dragons . They would be open to joining the council if the council proves itself further against their enemies. They would look positively if the “arm” of the council that slew Arauthator would approach them.

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