Rise of Tiamat: Gold Dragon Ring

Charles, Grim Greenangels, Vaeren, and Kaisanne proceed through the door into a roughly circular room covered with bones and debris. On the far side of the room is a roughly carved stone pedestal. Resting on top of the pedestal is a metal scythe. Before we can enter the room Grim stops everyone. He sees that the pedestal reeks of unholy power. We search the room for the gold ring we were sent to discover but only find a scattering of coins. As a last ditch effort Charles searches the pedestal, taking care not to touch it, but the danger is too great to proceed.

We leave the scythe alone and return to the main hallway to continue deeper into the complex. After several minutes a winding natural tunnel stretches out from the hallway on the right. Not willing to let anything come up behind us we proceed down the tunnel. It is a short distance before we reach a cavern populated by a floating eye. We can see a stone pedestal on the far side with another strange object resting on top. Vaeren identifies the creature as a Deathkiss, a type of beholderkin. Grim charges under it while the rest of group keeps the creature focused on them. Lightning crackles from its blood as we damage it, scaring our skin. Grim calls upon his eagle totem and leaps high into the air driving his weapons down into the Deathkiss’ body – killing the creature.

Back into the main hallway we find a sturdy stone door slick with ooze. We have to shoulder the door open and stop ourselves from entering the room as a large Gelatinous Cube is destroying what little furniture remains in the room. The creature never gets to move as we strike it dead without much trouble. There is a small bit of treasure in the room, but more importantly a pair of stone doors on the far side of the room.

After checking the door for traps Charles shoulders it aside. Immediately upon entering the hallway beyond we are attacked by a half dozen Vargouille . They try to swoop down and bite us. The do manage to shake Grim’s resolve, but before they can swarm him the rest of the group kills the creatures. We return to the cube’s room and Charles examines the other stone door for traps. Unfortunately he misses the trap which fires poisoned darts into Vaeren. Charles peeks into the room and sees a forest of mushrooms currently being tended by a pair of Myconids. Kassie steps into the room and fireballs everything. At best we manage to gather two mushrooms that could be used for healing.

The door at the end of the hall enters into a storage room that appears to have been used as a wine cellar. Among the racks of expensive wines are several vicious centipedes. Vaeren moves into the room and strikes several of them down accepting a pair of poisonous bites in return. A few more blows from the rest of the groups clears out the centipedes. We manage to recover several expensive bottles of wine among the toppled racks.

We return to the room with the scythe. Grim uses his climbing room to grasp the scythe and pull it off the pedestal. A wave of dark and unholy power bursts from the pedestal, washing over us. Most of us manage to resist its effect but it does stagger us briefly. From the room where we destroyed the two large Minotaur skeletons a amalgamation of bones gathers together. The magical axe that Vaeren held in his bag of holding fly out and grows to enormous size. The undead creature charges us. The undead horror drives its axe again and again into Grim, but does not drive the stout halfling from his spot. With the creature focused on Grim the rest of us surround it and shatter its bones.

We have now collected the third, and final piece, of the disc. It will not stay together, even resisting mending spells. We continue our journey down the last remaining hallway. After traveling several hundred feet we reach an open room. On the far side of the room is a large door with a empty disc. Standing on the side of the door are two people, a woman dressed in luxurious robes and a man in full plate. Grim and Vaeren both identify them as undead. They resist all of our attempts to communicate with them.

Throwing luck to the wind we prepare ourselves as Grim rushes the undead in full plate. With the rage of the barbarian hillfolk coupled with the radiant strikes from his god strikes down the creature just as it begins to wake. The woman turns and fireballs the rest of us in the hallway. From out of the flames Vaeren and Charles charge the woman, closing into melee range as Kassie fires nearly a dozen fiery bolts into her body. A few quick strikes leaves the vampire spawn reeling, allowing Grim to run over and finish her off.

We put the three pieces of the disc into the opening. A rainbow of light fills the room and the door swings open. The room on the far side is richly furnished. Tapestries hang from the walls and thick rugs cover the floor. Four marbled columns glow filling the room with an unearthly light. Directly opposite of the door is a onyx sarcophagus, its lid opened. A woman, sitting at a desk in the corner, turns and “welcomes us,” charming Vaeren with her Vampire charms. Grim and Charles close and strike her, but Kassie steps around the corner and drops several of her strongest fire spells on the vampire.

As Kassie slips back into the far room the vampire hisses and moves with lightning speed to follow her, striking Charles as she moves by him. Vaeren tries to stop Grim and Charles from pursuing, but only manages to slow them down. In the far room she has trapped Kassie against the wall, trading physical blow with the bard. Grim and Charles arrive shielding Kassie from further harm while pinning the vampire against the wall. Blade and Glaive strike down the vampire and a stake through her heart finish the job.

Inside the room we find several old tomes on dragon slaying, a fine prize for any collector, along with a cache of magical items. Under the sarcophagus we find the gold dragon ring that we were sent to retrieve. Once outside we use the scroll to return to the Council of Metallic Dragons and return the ring to them. Tazmikella speaks privately with Grim and offers to return the Belt of Giant Strength as the halfling has proven his mettle. Grim declines preferring the friendship of the dragon.

We journey back to Waterdeep.

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