Rise of Tiamat: Death of Arauthator

This is undoubtedly the hole where the kobolds and ice hunters drop food and treasure to Arauthator. It is over a 60 foot drop to the bottom of the cavern and the dragon would be ready for us. Thinking a different path might be wiser we continue our searching of the ice cavern. We find a large cavern where Maccath the Crimson is studying an ancient scroll or map. Charles strides forward and confronts the tiefling that they have been sent by the Arcane Brotherhood to find him. Charles and Maccath can both see a pair of kobolds and an ice troll sneaking towards them. Charles calls out a challenge and attacks the troll.

Kaisanne casts a light spell on one of Vaeren’s arrows which he hits the troll with lighting the room enough for the others to see. Grim Greenangels throws alchemist’s fire at the troll. With the troll burning we work to shield Maccath from harm. The troll is hammered by four scorching rays from Kaisanne allowing Charles and Grim to kill the fell creature. The kobolds flee rather than face our wrath, unfortunately they cannot get far enough away and are killed.

In the following room Maccath has built a makeshift room. There are stacks of scrolls and books, writing desk, and small iron stove. She invites us into her “home” and although she believes that Arauthator will kill us she will try to help us. She has crafted two arrows of dragon-slaying and gives us her personal right of frost resistance. We rest for a short time, tending to our wounds and sharpening our blades. She shows us a small entrance into the dragon’s lair that we could use if we are quiet.

She tells us that the Cult of the Dragon arrived months ago and took the Draakhorn with them. She could do nothing to stop them as Arauthator stopped her.

While everyone is resting Kaisanne’s magic wand speaks to her. The spirit of Diderius has possessed her wand. He claims to have the gift of foresight and is willing to help her as long as she remains “interesting.” They are still deep in conversation while the rest of the party goes among the books and scrolls looking for useful knowledge. There are several scrolls that will help us if we can arrange the battle to our liking. Unfortunately the battle ground will heavily favor the dragon.

Vaeren moves ahead faster as his knowledge of both dragons and the terrain gives him a natural advantage. Charles helps Grim and Cassie along as they are more likely to slip and fall. There is nearly a sixty foot section beyond the tunnel requiring us to climb and crawl through small chasms. Grim and Charles slip to the bottom of the ice shelf – nearly falling into its lair. Charles looks up and through the darkness he can see Arauthator flying directly towards us. He warns the others.

Vaeren moves forward to take cover behind a large chunk of ice just as the dragon comes over the top – frightening Grim and Charles. It breathes as chunks of ice hammer Charles and Cassie – nearly killing Cassie. We spread out across the cavern stopping it from catching a group of us in its breath weapon again. The dragon swoops down nearly kills Vaeren, forcing him to disengage and shelter behind a mound of ice and stone.

Grim moves in attempting to entangle the dragon in spectral tentacles, but it breaks free and charges Charles. A fierce exchange of claw, tooth, tail against the Darkness of Eltab and fiery hatred. Arauthator is staggered giving Cassie time to unleash terrible fire atop its head. When it turns to curse at her Vaeren steps behind it and hits it twice with dragon-slaying arrows. Charles smiles and shouting to Eltab he kills the dragon.

With barely a moment to catch our breath two ice trolls come down to investigate what is happening in the dragon’s lair. Vaeren speaks their language and is trying to negotiate when Grim hurls a flask of alchemical fire at one of the trolls. This angers the trolls, who tell Vaeren they will negotiate with him, but will kill Grim. Everyone comes to the aid of Grim, eventually killing both trolls. Several other trolls yell down that they would take half the horde for allowing us safe passage, Vaeren yells back that we will allow them to live if they stay peaceful.

While we are digging out the dragon’s horde we take several hours to rest. The kobolds make a single mass, and suicidal, charge to kill us for slaying their god – but are killed to the last. As we drag the horde from the cavern we come across a room filled with ice toads. These strange intelligent beasts are keeping records and do not interfere as we leave with Maccath. They cannot stop us from taking all of their accumulated knowledge they have written down.

When we reach the surface the Ice Hunters are overjoyed that Arauthator has been killed. They pack up all of their belongings and flee to a safer homeland. With our treasure loaded into the Frost Skimmer we sail for Illuskan where the Arcane Brotherhood is waiting. After dropping off Maccath the Crimson and receiving the thanks of the Arcane Brotherhood we return to Waterdeep.

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