Rise of Tiamat: Death is our constant companion

Leaving Waterdeep we travel the coast road with the intention of reaching Daggerford. A few hours after leaving the major road we come across a burning town. We rush to help the townsfolk put out the fire and find out that a large blue dragon was responsible. Harshnag a frost giant adventurer who was in town drove off the dragon and chased after it to finish off the fell beast. Once the fire is out we follow Harshnag’s footprints through the plains.

It is near nightfall before we catch up to Harshnag as he is making camp. He greets us warmly and allows us to share his meal. We make plans together to hunt down the blue dragon in the morning. Just after bedding in the for the evening Grim Greenangels and Kaisanne discover at the last minute that some kobolds have sneaked near the camp and are preparing to attack; Harshnag had fallen asleep. Cassie rolls up and casts a light spell while alerting everyone in camp giving Grim an opportunity to ready his shield. Unfortunately a pair of kobolds get through and stabbed Charles and Vaeren. Neither of them lived long as Cassie’s spells laid them low.

The kobolds are carrying a wanted poster of our group; although it is worth very little at the moment.

In the morning we continue our pursuit of the blue dragon. Vaeren and Mera scout ahead with Harshnag, who seems to have almost no ability to track. Out of the clouds descends the blue dragon. It makes a pass above us with a blaze of lightning, catching Harshnag and Charles. The returning attacks from arrows, eldritch blasts, and scorching rays drives off the dragon. Vearen and Grim chase off after the creature at their best possible speed, while everyone else follows behind with the help of Mera.

Vaeren loses the dragon’s trace, but comes across hundreds of kobold tracks in multiple directions. To avoid detection Vaeren slows down and stealth through the tall grass, causing Grim to lose sight of him. Grim slows down rather than rush forward. Vaeren moves forward reaching the end of edge of a gully. Resting at the bottom of the gully near a stream is the blue dragon, it appears to not notice him. He returns to Grim and when he tells him of the dragon the barbarian whips his dog to battle speed and charges forward. Veaeren, realizing that his companion is in terrible trouble, runs back to warn everyone else.

Grim whips his horse into its full speed and charges down into the gully. When he nears the dragon Grim and his mount falls under the dragonfear, causing his chariot to nearly overturn. The dragon kills his horse and slaps his tail into Grim, who responds with a fury of strikes fueled by the power of his god. As the battle in the gully rages Vaeren get close enough to signal the trailing group. He then turns and moves at his fastest pace to return and aid Grim. He reaches the edge of the gully to find the dragon greatly blooded and Grim wounded, but standing his ground.

Grim moves around the far side of the dragon giving Vaeren an opening to move into the gully, shielding his body from its lightning breath. He needn’t have bothered as the dragon tries to flee while roaring that his has fallen into the trap. Grim, ever determined, stabs out as the blue dragon as it rises into the air killing it. The victory is short-lived as several Cult of the Dragon members drop from the trees with weapons ready. A smaller dragon spawn also emerges from a concealed blind.

While Vaeren is engaged in fighting the cultists the young dragon moves forward and spits lightning at both Grim and Vaeren – nearly killing Grim in a single blow. Charles, who is flying at his fastest speed can just see the battle in the gully. Vaeren, who sees the incoming help, pushes his way through the cultists to drive his weapon home into the dragon. Although he falls to the dragon’s claws he deals a heavy blow it. The cultists return to their hidden blinds allowing the dragon to feast. The dragon never gets a chance to tear Vaeren apart as Charles gets into range and strikes the dragon.

The dragon roars its challenge and takes flight to battle Charles in the air over the gully. There is a fierce exchange of blows as necrotic glaive battled tooth and claw. Charles, already injured, takes the worse of the exchange but he buys time for Harshnag and Kaisanne to arrive. Together the three of them manage to kill the dragon spawn and the cultists. The leader of the cultists fought hard and to the bitter end. Inside their hideout we find orders from Severin to these cultists. They knew that we would be traveling south and they planned to lure us off the road with an emergency.

Battered and barely on our feet we take a rest in the gully. Harshnag gathers up his stuff and prepares to leave. He thanks us for the bravery that we have shown, killing two dragons with little assistance from him. He welcomes us to speak before his jarl at the next giantmoot. We clasp hands and thank him for the invitation.

We continue on to Daggerford after Vaeren took his trophies from the dragon corpses. We reach Daggerford feeling stronger and more competent for our recent encounters. We have come to the notice of the Cult of the Dragon and that suits us just perfectly.

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