Rise of Tiamat: Council of Metallic Dragons

Charles, Vaeren, Grim Greenangels, and Kaisanne will be journeying to the Moot of the Metallic Dragons. Before we leave Leosin Erlanthar pull us aside and speaks to us. He emphasizes the great honor that has been bestowed upon us by way of an invitation. He worries that the Metallic Dragons may decide to move on their own against the Cult of the Dragon . We are escorted to a clearing pre-dawn and left alone. In short order the few stars still visible are blotted out as an ancient silver dragon descends from the sky. Her name is :Otaaryliakkarnos and she has come to take us to the moot in the Nether Mountains

The other members of the council are Protanther , Ileuthra , Nymmurh , Tazmikella . Few of the members get along, and all of them have their own agenda, but it is possible we may yet win their support. Otaaryliakkarnos offers her support if we can convince Konrad Bromhammel, the dwarven ambassador to the Council of Waterdeep to make restitution. His ancestors once held large dragonmeets to hunt dragons. During one of these hunts they killed her cousin and made a cloak from her skin. Although they no longer hold these hunts they have kept their trophies. If we can convince the ambassador to publicly apologize and give Otaaryliakkarnos the skin then we have her support.

Illeuthra agrees to meet with us over a brief lunch. He is both curious about us and possibly willing to support us. He presses us on the issue of the dragon masks . He hates their existence and wants us to gather them and give them to him. He will then scatter them across many planes, hiding them in inaccessible locations. He gets the oath from the others, but when he asks Charles directly he gets a non-answer. It makes for a very long and difficult silence. Charles is oath-bound to Eltab and should Eltab ask for the masks he would turn them over.

Our next meeting is with Protanther, the most cautious of the council members. It is clear from the onset that he dislikes Charles and Vaeren, who happen to be the only humans in the room. Kassie picks up on this fact and takes the lead in negotations. He wants to be assured that when the Metallic Council moves to attack that the Council of Waterdeep will support them. He wants a personal apology from King Melandrach for the Dracorage Mythal . We have just done the king a favor so we agree that we can accomplish it.

Following Protanther we meet with Nymmurh, who is already on board with helping the lesser races stop the Cult of the Dragon. He cares less about the disposition of the masks, but he knows that Tiamat cannot be allowed to enter this world. We discover that he has been connected with Dala Silmerhelve for many generations. He was the source of much of her information about the Draakhorn that has made its way to the Council.

So far none of the dragons have asked for anything that we cannot accomplish so we go and speak with Tazimkella. She looks us over, but Kassie draws her longest stare until she spies Grim. She takes sharp note of the magical belt he is wearing. The belt was stolen from her horde long ago by Ingalicus a halfling thief and she wants it returned. There is some very hard bargaining as Taimkella is not willing to let this issue die. Eventually Grim takes off the belt and lays it on the ground. Taimkella smiles warmly at last and assures us of her support.

The next morning we meet for a council. Otaaryliakkarnos, who feels we cannot accomplish our task, and Illeuthra, who could not get a commitment from Charles, both vote against supporting the Council of Waterdeep. Protanther, Nymmurh, and Tazimkella all vote yes and thanks us for our commitment. They would like a further commitment from us. Although there are no Dragon Masks for the Metallic Dragons, but there are Five Dragon Rings. These rings often show up when the dragons go to war. They have recovered all but the Gold and Brass rings. The council wants the gold ring, which is currently in the Tomb of Grellgent, which is under Salish Rock in the Plain of Standing Stones . They will arrange for transport to the Plain of Standing Stones and gives us a scroll to to return.

Nymmurh carry us to Salish Rock upon depositing us then departing. Less than an hour of searching we find a hidden door at the base of the rock where the sand has blown up against it. It is nearly two hours before we can finally clear enough sand to clear the opening. We eventually get far enough in to see a large open area covered in dense spider webs. Kassie fires several firebolts into the webs catching them on fire. Grim charges into this chaotic opening and charges into the room, dodging three webs from spiders clinging to the ceiling. As everyone else rushes forward several childreth attack from concealed positions in the cavern.

After a messy fireball from Kassie kills most of the spider-like creatures allowing the rest of us to mop up the survivors. The last surviving spider nearly leads us into a trap from an ambush hunter hiding in the ceiling behind a magical darkness, but Charles spotted it. He hammered it with the magic of Eltab killing it. The tomb continues to twist and turn and finally branches off. Vaeren warns us that undead are found farther down the branching passage Not wanting to have such monsters behind us we head towards them.

At the end of the hallway is a large opening with nearly a dozen skeletons. Again Kassie is able to throw a fireball around the corner and turn most of them to dust. The largest skeletons manage to stagger through the fire, but fall to our blades and arrows. On the far side of the room is a door that Charles checks for traps. The traps are fiendishly difficult to find and dismantle, eventually he triggers them but manages to jump out of the way before the scythe kills him.

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