Rise of Tiamat: Clearing out Tomb of Diderius

From Daggerford Vaeren leads Grim Greenangels, Kaisanne, and Charles to return to the Tomb of Diderius to kill the Mummy Lord. We have promised the Council of Waterdeep that we would destroy the undead that remain. We make our way through the secret tunnel into the temple of the yuan-ti eventually reaching the tomb. Diderius is a powerful mummy and rises from his tomb while his servants break free of their coffins. We are in fine health and well-rested so the battle is quick, only Vaeren seriously suffering.

As we make our way through the quickly tomb we rely on Vaeren’s innate sense for undead and Charles’ skill with traps eventually reaching the chimera room. When we reach the room a group of the Cult of the Dragon see us and charge through the chimera room. They take losses, but manage to reach the safety of the room beyond. We are ready for them and cut their numbers down immediately. While they struggle to push into the room their leader, safely on the far side, hammers us with fireballs and lightning bolts.

Charles stands in the door preventing the cultists from reaching the others allowing them to deal with the wizard. Vaeren dashes at full speed to the far side, reaching the leader and crushing his ribs with a quick strike. Cassie opens a dimensional gate and draws Grim with her, appearing on the other side from the wizard. The wizard, surrounded by enemies, calls upon his gods and unleashes his most powerful spell. It kills him but does not kill any of the group. Charles finishes up the last cultist as the rest of the group joins him.

After a quick rest we examine the door marked “Danger” that we did not explore previously. Aside from a hidden door allowing us to bypass the chimera mosaic guardian we open a door to a room full of wraiths and specters. A lucky find is a crumbling book behind the headboard of the bed. We return this book to the girl in the library, setting her free. In the room adjacent to hers we burn the six mummies as they attempt to rise and stop her from leaving.

The only threat remaining, aside from the chimera which we do not know how to disable, is the large statue that guards Diderius’ tribute. We sleep for the night and prepare for battle. Unfortunately for us the battle is less than heroic as the statue crumbles under a barrage of spells. We loot the final bits of treasure and return to Waterdeep . We sell our treasure and restock our supplies, preparing for the next council meeting.

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