Heroes of the City: The Trolls

After several days of downtime. Champion Z gets a letter that was postmarked several weeks ago. It is from someone named Cassandra. She is gifted with foresight and wrote this letter knowing that she will be kidnapped soon by the Trolls. She saw that Champion Z would rescue her from someplace under a bridge with a large yellow x on it. He contacts the rest of the Iron Wolves – Blayzwing , No Limits , Shadowhawke .

Shadowhawke knows of a bridge in Skyway City with a yellow x painted on it. We meet at the subway line to go to the bridge where we encounter a group of Trolls. No Limits jumps in first, but is quickly outnumbered and swept off his feet. This provides an opening for the others to take them down. Between Shadowhawke’s fear, a shockwave from Champion Z, and Blayzwing’s fiery alpha strike the trolls are scattered or incinerated. We leave one behind that Shadowhawke interrogates. The troll gives us information that she is found in the storm sewer beyond.

The strangest thing is that beyond the door is all male rave party. The music is loud and red solo cups everywhere. Blayzwing steps up and starts demanding they clean up this mess and stop leaving plastic everywhere. Champion Z short cuts everyone and punches the leader in the face, who responds by blasting him with a pair of shotguns. As the fight snarls up Shadowhawke manages through a combination of schmoozing and selective mind control finds out that Duke Mordrogar is in control of things he is working through Mr. Hill. The thug does know about Cassandra, but not where she is currently.

Blayzwing needs to rest after the battle, so the rest of us push on. In the next room are a bunch of men carrying katanas and sai. Champion Z moves into the middle of the room and lets our a huge ape challenge, but it only drives them to battle. Their blades flash leave him heavily scarred, but not shaken. Shadowhawke puts up his shields and No Limits wades into battle. Monkey roars and Mental hammering leave them battered and stunned. This leaves them easy pickings as the battle quickly turns to a slugfest.

Giving Shadowhawke time to rest we eventually press further into the warren of tunnels. We encounter several men that flee from us, but we eventually come across two large shipping containers. The containers are filled with several crates. Each of the crates contain dozens of fired clay cactar (small hollow anime cactus figures). Nothing else is found in the containers. Champion Z bends the metal such that the containers will not open unless cut open with a torch.

A few minutes later we come to a small side passage filled with a dim yellow haze. Several men are wandering around the haze. Shadowhawke shields everyone while Blayzwing charges up his power. The smoke moves and attacks us – hardening as it curls along our flesh. The men in the room fade into the smoke only to reappear and attack us before disappearing again. Several of the men disappear into the mist before we can bring them down.

Shadowhawke is able to pull out some information from the last smoke ninja before we send them off to The Zig. After discovering a hidden hatch in the ceiling Blayzwing and No Limits climb up to the surface. We come up at a shipping dock. Through charm (Blayzwing) and crunching heads (No Limits) we manage to accompish absolutely nothing. No Limits gets a name, but Jeremy Verdusco was the guy they rescued.

When Blayzwing and No Limits return we explore the rest of the storm system. In a rough-hewn room we discover several cocoons. Shadowhawke reads the minds of the humanoid forms. They claim they are Supa Trolls as they tear themselves free and attack us. Shadowhawke’s bubbles come up and Champion Z moves to defend him. The battle rages around us as the Supa Trolls surround us. The Supa Trolls rage out of control glowing green, but losing control of themselves. The trolls go down – hard.

In the next room we find Cassandra tied up. She does not know who tied her up, but she is glad to have been freed – even if she foretold her rescue. It is charming to know that the universe is still in order. We show her the cactar, but she knows nothing about them.

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